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> Data Center Solutions

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The datacenter is also regarded as the backbone of the company processes. Owing to the advancing digitalization, administrators and IT managers are confronted today with numerous challenges for their datacenter when the available resources are often not growing at the same pace.

Infrastructures for data centers must not only be flexible, they also need to boast improved productivity. High availability, redundant data storage and a maximal security of business-critical information must be ensured, too.

As a reliable partner our support to you is important. We analyze your existing IT system and develop suitable future-proof solutions for a secure and scalable infrastructure.


Open for new things?

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is considered a new paradigm for highly flexible IT networks. Here one talks about the virtualization and the central administration of hardware, controller software and applications. The control level is thus separated from the physical infrastructure. That way the network operation including the configuration can be automated and simplified. Data flow for business-critical applications can thus be controlled and optimized appropriately.

By an innovative approach, the “Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)”, huge benefits regarding automation and simplification can be obtained. Although the merging of network, server and application in the data center can lead to quite some advantages, the complexity of the customer’s choice for a product increases as the producer of server or network, as well as, the developer of applications are seen as contenders. Whether SDN solution or not, Cisco ACI is a specific product with a specific approach. In the era of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), a high performance and intuitively manageable infrastructure is created by the integration of a virtualization layer.

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Cisco ACI, the leading Software-Defined Networking (SDN) solution, offers a unique combination of mapping hardware and software functions that is based on a standardized, application-based guideline model. Cisco ACI increases the flexibility of the business and reduces the TCO by means of automation of IT tasks, improvement of security and efficiency growth of the entire operation.

The advantages of Cisco ACI at a glance:

  • Simplified central provision of applications
  • Dynamic control and administration of mobility and Cloud service requirements
  • Operation of Cloud based instances by Cisco Nexus 9000
  • Increase of agility in the data center
  • Reduction of complexity
  • Decrease of IT costs
  • High investment protection by fabric approach and SDN functionality
  • Intuitive user interface and further monitoring functionalities
  • Powerful system components of the most recent generation (10G/40G)


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> Hybrid Cloud

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In case of a hybrid structure, some resources are operated internally, whereas others are operated externally. Thus, the Hybrid Cloud combines the own Private Cloud with the Public Cloud and warrants a genuine Cloud environment safeguarding all security relevant issues. Next to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is probably the biggest motivation for the use of a Hybrid Cloud.

No matter at what stage of your journey into the Cloud you find yourself: we will find the right combination for you. We gladly support you with our experience during the implementation of your Cloud strategy and we offer comprehensive consulting along the whole value chain to you – in fact precisely for the solution you require. In doing so, our partners are Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Zerto and NetApp. Find more information here.

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> NTS Managed Private Cloud 2.0


The advancing digitalization and the resulting data volume that is constantly growing pose new challenges for businesses. During the development phase, space conditions and financial aspects are frequently not considered. Therefore, the acquisition of a necessary, but cost-intensive and high-maintenance hardware will become more difficult.

As a result, we provide our customers with a standardized and highly available infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Each customer receives a dedicated and physically segregated environment that comes with a specially tailored comprehensive carefree package. We take care of it – ranging from the implementation and the migration planning all the way to a backup that is entirely managed. To guarantee a service availability of 99.99%, NTS experts monitor the system 24×7 and thus ensure a smooth-running operation. Not to mention a simple billing model with a maximum of flexibility that come with it.


  • No investment in hardware and no buildup of know-how required
  • 100% demand-based billing
  • Optional in-house hardware (no load on WAN connections)
  •  Guaranteed service level agreements
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Self-service with NTS CAPTAIN
  • Inclusive of back-up planning and management
> NTS Managed Service Datacenter

We take on responsibility!

Security and availability are basic requirements for any data center infrastructure. With our NTS Managed Service Data Center we take over the responsibility for your data. Promised.

Synchronized with your data center infrastructure requirements we offer a flexible service package. For us 24×7 availability of our Operations Center (OC) as well as a proactive error messaging service is self-evident. Our NTS Managed Monitor takes over the necessary inventory and the alerting. Our certified engineers that look back on long-term project and operations experience are responsible for on-time trouble shooting.

De-centralised management, extensive implementation efforts and lacking standards are challenges traditional IT organisations are facing. This incurs security risks and requires extensive resources and finally results in a lack of efficiency and control. Last but not least, productivity will also suffer from such de-centralised processes.

NTS CAPTAIN (Cloud Automation Platform) offers an independent, efficient and simple control of your data center infrastructure. Basically it represents the NTS operating system for your data center. NTS CAPTAIN can be integrated into the existing VMware environments as a self-service platform and opens up opportunities to act as an internal service provider.


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