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> Infrastructure


A solid data center infrastructure lays the foundation for business-critical services. In the hybrid world, data is stored and processed exactly where it is required. High availability and rapid access times are only one perspective to be able to remain competitive in times of technological changes. Information is everywhere and, thanks to Cisco ACI, data can be connected and linked as well as used from anywhere, paired with an application delivery controller from F5, we can balance the loads of the various services and make the services available where they are needed, be it on-premises, hybrid or in the Cloud. Cisco and Dell Technologies provide the necessary computing power for the processing of data.

With Data Center on the Edge and Data Center in a Box, NTS provides standardized solutions as well as an infrastructure stack that is tailored to your needs. We count on state-of-the-art systems – irrespective of whether they are a hyperconverged or a 3-tier architecture that consists of compute, network, and storage. Moreover, with our NTS Managed Private Cloud you have the possibility to hand over the operation of your infrastructure to certified experts; therefore, you will be able to sleep peacefully 24x7x365! On top of that, individual financing solutions ensure that you’ll only be invoiced on what was actually used.

> Platforms

Modern, highly available und agile

Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud-native environments propel the scaling of (IT) processes as well as of entire new business models. Failures are more than ever business-critical and therefore modern, highly available and secure platforms are required. These are considered the basis for the transformation toward standardization, automation and flexibility and they are the fundamental prerequisite for a cost-efficient operation with an ideal combination of on-premises and Cloud architectures.

Modern businesses should be able to operate “conventional”, VM based environments as well as agile microservice architectures as services on a platform. Here, we count on the market leader VMware due to a long-standing expertise with successful projects. Our certified experts advise you on the basic services such as Microsoft Active-Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft365 (Office365) – either on-premises or from the Cloud. We are there for matters of implementation, migration, or secure operation of these basic systems provided by many companies.

> Data Center Security

Better safe

Threats by hackers or ransomware are increasing daily and require consistent security concepts as well as comprehensive security strategies to protect your business. Nowadays, data is often processed in public Clouds and on-premises by means of a hybrid approach. A comprehensive protection of your data from weaknesses and cyber threats requires the right methods, measures, applications and technologies. This is why we rely on F5 solutions to protect our applications and services from attacks and minimize risk.

The range of NTS covers the analysis of the portfolio and consulting for the selection of the correct course of approach for the establishment of a state-of-the-art security concept. We assist you with the development of a zero-trust architecture, based for example on VMware NSX or Cisco ACI. Solutions to manage the access control with Cisco ISE or a secure, centralized secrets management based on HashiCorp Vault are also means of modern infrastructure hardening.

“Data ranks amongst the main assets in the company.”


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> Backup & Recovery

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Besides your team, data ranks amongst the main assets in the company. In the IT strategy, the tamper-proof storing of this information plays an equally important role as the recovery process in case of a disaster.

We support you with our expertise in evaluating the appropriate security solution based on your data structure. Furthermore, we advise you on the topic of recovery plans and, if desired, we take over the operational responsibility of data protection in accordance with our best practices – based on years of experience. Thereby, we rely on leading and established products by CommVaultDell Technologies and Veeam.

> Managed Services


Security and availability are basic prerequisites for each data center infrastructure. We take on the responsibility for your data with our NTS Managed Service Data Center. That’s a promise.

We offer a flexible service package balanced with the requirements of your data center infrastructure. It goes without saying that we offer a 24×7 reachability for our Operations Center (OC) as well as a pro-active incident reporting. The required inventory and alerting are included. Certified NTS engineers with long-standing project and operation experience are exclusively in charge of trouble shooting and problem analysis.

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