NTS Managed Service Kubernetes

These days, individual tasks and in most cases, entire processes are supported by IT applications, or they are fully automated. It is possible to provide applications, for example, for web shops or in-house developments on different infrastructures. No matter whether its on-premises or in a public Cloud, there is no compromise regarding topics like high availability, adaptability, or scalability.

For this purpose, new technologies such as Container and Kubernetes, but also modern approaches like DevOps, offer suitable solutions. We attend to our customers from the first consultation, via the implementation and the continuous further development of the Kubernetes environment all the way to the regular operation with a Managed Service by NTS, in order to optimally support the transformation to Kubernetes. Thus, NTS takes on the operational responsibility for Kubernetes platforms with NTS Managed Service Kubernetes.

From Microservices to Kubernetes Platforms

Compared to large monoliths, software applications are encapsulated with the microservice architecture in small, manageable, and easily adaptable services (applications). Together with their entire runtime environment, these applications are packetized, isolated, and operated in containers. Containers are independent of the underlying infrastructure and can be easily scaled dynamically as well as updated and moved between different environments. This is the next step after the virtualization.

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open-source system for the management, scaling and automation for the provisioning of containers. K8s orchestrates clusters of several (virtual) nodes and plans the running of the containers on these nodes. A K8s cluster consists of many different components that have to be properly installed, configured, operated, and monitored. Here, Kubernetes supports management platforms.

In this area, NTS is working with the two leading platforms VMware Tanzu and SUSE Rancher and offers the respective consulting and implementation services as well as the operation of the selected Kubernetes platform. Thereby, NTS provides the infrastructure for the software at the customer in line with the DevOps approach and creates good conditions for an efficient release management.

  • Predictable monthly IT costs
  • More time for core business thanks to NTS taking over the operational responsibility
  • Risk transfers due to defined service guarantees (availability, response times)
  • Customer specific adaption of the service scope
  • Using Kubernetes rather than operating it yourself
  • Helpdesk with German/English speaking Kubernetes experts
  • 8×5 operation by certified Kubernetes experts
  • Close partnerships with global technology leaders

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  • HIGH RELIABILITY AND STABILITY –K8s ensures that services are in the desired state and that they can be restarted in case of a failure(“self-healing”)
  • FAST AND SIMPLE SCALING – Resources can be extended by adding additional worker nodes and they can be quickly upscaled with additional pods
  • HIGH REPRODUCABILITY – K8s ensures that all applications are operating in various environments independent of the underlying infrastructure
  • FLEXIBLE – High flexibility and comprehensive opportunities for automation
NTS Managed Service Kubernetes

NTS Managed Service Kubernetes includes the modules Infrastructure Monitoring, Infrastructure Operations, Change and Delivery and Continual Service Improvement. In detail this consists of:

  • Operation of the Kubernetes platform by certified K8s engineers
  • 24×7 monitoring* of the clusters (availability and functional data of the Kubernetes nodes based on CPU, memory and storage), Kubernetes services and defined name spaces
  • Proactive troubleshooting (on workdays from 9AM till 5PM)
  • Regular installation of updates and security patches
  • Individual reporting, periodic service review meetings and recommendations for further developments

*The monitoring of Cloud components is independent of the availability of the respective Cloud application. In case of problems at the interface, a monitoring during this period cannot be guaranteed. Cloud applications are subject to the SLAs of the respective manufacturers.


In addition to the services of NTS Managed Service Kubernetes, which focuses on the Kubernetes platform, NTS also offers design and implementation services as separate projects.


Should you be interested, contact us, and arrange an appointment: sales@nts.eu