In 1996, the Styrian Hospitals Limited Liability Company (abbreviated KAGes for Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.) was one of the first customers that counted on the innovative power and the reliable know-how of NTS. This trust survives until now.

During the ongoing operation, KAGes cannot particularly do without collaboration solutions, besides having a stable network technology and data center support. The decision to rely on technology standards by Cisco proves itself each day. It facilitates the cooperation across the various locations and fosters efficient patient-care – especially during the acute initial diagnosis when every second counts.

A conversation with Karl Kocever, Head of IT infrastructure and administrative systems, KAGes, about digital experiences and right decisions.

Together with NTS a Cisco video conferencing system was introduced as early as 2011. Could you tell us about the experiences with it and what has happened since?

Karl Kocever: Back then we started with the so-called “tumor conferences”, where we compared and interpreted medical reports of cancer patients or X-ray images via video conferences within KAGes. Up to this day, it helped our specialists to quickly discuss complex cases independent of the location and within a relatively small amount of time. To give an example, patients in Bad Aussee with a suspected stroke will currently receive their first diagnosis via video conference from a specialist based in Knittelfeld. Thus, a rapid emergency treatment is possible at a distance and steps like a helicopter transfer may be initiated without further delay. An accident with traumatic brain injury is a similar situation. The computer tomography is analyzed and an emergency service or a patient transporter will be organized. Our digital possibilities cover all requirements and range all the way to observations of skin diseases. All this happens in our many locations without travel efforts and without loss of time.

“‘No moaning is enough praise’, is a famous saying amongst IT people.
However, NTS can gladly be praised!”

Karl Kocever

Head of IT infrastructure and administrative systems, KAGes

How has the cooperation of the 18,000 employees of KAGes changed in recent times?

Karl Kocever: We adapted all meetings from board meetings to specialist meetings in the clinical areas to Cisco Webex meetings. The medical direction is constantly conferring with approximately 70 department heads in 11 hospitals on 20 locations. Univ. Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Tscheliessnigg held regular meetings with the crisis team of the province, but we also completely converted all our trainings. Our experts train extensively by means of Webex instead of having the organizational burden of large auditoriums. We generally benefit from the digitalization and so does the entire health care of the province. As an example, one can mention the “electronic temperature chart” that will completely replace the hand-written records and the medical records on paper that report the conditions and the medical values of our patients.

Which decisions by the IT have proved themselves?

Karl Kocever: We were always relying on computing standards and this approach was repeatedly affirmed when compared to other institutions. It pays off in all respects to bet on a uniform and innovative system when dealing with support, maintenance, quality, and security. We are using the conference system by Cisco, a solution for telephony and a well thought out network architecture in the data center and in the LAN. All this is always stable, scalable and secure thanks to the help of NTS. The longstanding NTS partnership proves itself naturally. We are able to master the challenges for our internal IT together and this is noticed on the small “temperature charts” of problems in the system and the feedback from our users.

What are your wishes for NTS for their 25th anniversary this year and what advice do you give them for the future?

Karl Kocever: All the best, of course! We hope for a further good cooperation and may NTS remain a reliable partner.

Facts KAGes
  • Styrian Hospitals Limited Liability Company (abbreviated KAGes for Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft m.b.H.) – wholly owned by the province of Styria.
  • 11 regional hospitals
  • 20 locations
  • 18,000 employees


NTS products that are used
  • LAN
  • DC Switching
  • Webex Meetings
  • Webex Teams
  • Cisco videoconferencing

Photo credits: photoworkers.at/provided