We say: IoT already is reality. We ask ourselves: Is your network already prepared? As the tallest buildings are built on solid foundations, the quality of hard and software form the basis of a powerful network. For you, we develop a sustainable network architecture that achieves everything you need.



Today network engineering means much more than merely connecting several computers in a building. As diverse as the current challenges are with IoE, IoT and industry 4.0, so diverse are the technical solutions too: connectivity to branches and subsidiaries, mobile applications via WLAN, integration of production sites and technologies in existing networks and much more.

We have made it our aim to develop for our customers not only technically faultless concepts, but also promising ones. A network concept without comprehensive strategy and with separate solutions for speech and data cannot possibly have a promising future. Rather a holistic management of the entire network,including landline and mobile is required – all the way until the outmost boundaries.



Sometimes it is boring and nobody knows why? Perhaps your site networking strategy is no longer up-to-date.

The connectivity of the headquarters is very often unable to cope with the bandwidth requirements of the subsidiaries. More and more frequently, applications are provided in the Cloud, so that from the subsidiary’s point of view the routing via the head office is completely inefficient. On top of that, out-of-date or insufficiently integrated backup technologies tarnish the overall picture.

Here, Cisco offers remedial action in the form of its intelligent WAN – in brief IWAN. This Cisco solution proves itself with transport independency, secure connectivity, intelligent path control and application optimization. With this, IWAN uses the Cisco ISR-AX Integrated Services Router and dual transmission links. With the help of which IT departments will be able to expand costly WAN services without compromising the network requirements.



SDN stands for the decoupling of software and hardware in network components. Here the network components merely take on the hardware part, transporting data packages to their destinations, whereby the entire logistical administration of the network traffic is taken over by the software.

Networks will be more predictable with SDN; they adapt quicker to the challenges within the company and they consume less power. Automatization is an additional advantage. The network is easier to administer and the hardware does not have to be configured manually; thus, the entire data traffic in the network will be controlled centrally.

> Catalyst Center STARTER PACKAGE

Get ready!

The demand for secure, reliable networks is growing with the increased dispersion of campus networks and with the deployment of IT teams to various locations. With the Catalyst Center Starter Pack, NTS customers receive specialized support for the efficient utilization for the full potential of the new Cisco Catalyst Center.

The Catalyst Center von Cisco is a powerful solution that has been specifically developed to simplify the complexity of today’s networks. It offers a central point of contact for guideline and segmentation management, for the allocation of network services as well as for the monitoring and the optimization of network performance.




Advanced networks stand for more control, extra administration and greater risks. With Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco offers a solution that centrally regulates the access to the network. Thereby one can define requirements to the clients and the resulting authorizations for connections via Wired LAN and WLAN, as well as for VPN.

By means of Cisco’s ISE, administrators receive detailed information on who, when and on which device someone is registering on the network. These improvements guarantee, on the one hand, a high user-friendliness as the individual users can provide devices on their own, and on the other hand, devices on the network can be identified and supported easily.

See more to that under Security.



A highly available and efficient network is an essential component for a successful business operation for companies of all sizes. Very often though the required expert knowledge is missing or the in-house resources for network solutions are in short supply.

If you wish, we supply, operate and supervise exactly that, what you want and what you need. Not more and not less. With our NTS Managed Service Network we not only take over the operational responsibilities for your network, but also provide the long-term project and operational expert knowledge of our certified engineers.

The flexible structuring of our service package is one of our prime concerns.

Besides pure engineering, we also need the understanding of technology.

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