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For any business, IT SECURITY is a central topic. The amount of threats is increasing steadily and with the growing sophistication and variety of attacks, the requirement for security precautions is increasing as well. Increasingly, the targets are predominantly company strategies, intellectual property or client information. If no appropriate precautions are taken, tremendous economic damage may occur. How can you therefore protect your data and how will you be able to remain capable of acting in case of an emergency?

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Depending on the requirements, our product range offers the following solutions:


NTS Vulnerability Assessment

The NTS Vulnerability Assessment identifies security vulnerabilities and points out potential threats. Within the scope of this assessment, an overview of the current security vulnerabilities in the business is complied, potential threats are pointed out and solution proposals are developed. Based on all this, security measures can be deduced, and actions can be prioritized.

NTS Penetration Test

The NTS Penetration Test simulates an attack on defined targets and security gaps will be subsequently identified. Weak points are detected with the help of a controlled attack and they can be monitored via deduced actions. In this way, NTS customers get an overview of the actual security level of the checked systems. Based on these results, concrete security recommendations and measures can be deduced.

NTS Web Application Security Assessment

We strongly recommend to close security gaps around web applications as soon and efficiently as possible. High risks for applications exist mainly in databases and in the environment of authentications and configurations. These risks require utmost attention in order to protect business strategies, intellectual property or customer data. NTS can support this to identify security gaps and reveal their potential dangers with the help of the NTS Web Application Security Assessment. The development of precise steps to remedy this issue are also part of the service package.


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Gateway & Identity Security

Networks open-up many possibilities, but they also carry high risks when configured inadequately or when they lack professional support. Security starts at the gateway and ideally safeguards access from a foreign network already there. A proper IT security identifies these accesses onto different services and permits it – or simply not!


Depending on the requirements, our product range offers the following solutions:


Cisco Firewall

Sourcefire and Cisco offer a broad portfolio of cyber security solutions that are customized to meet the intricate threats of today. These technologies complement each other and offer comprehensive protection against the sequences of an attack – before, during and after an attack. Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) by Cisco focuses on threats and combines everything in a wide-ranging solution: Cisco’s proven Stateful-Inspection-Firewall, application control, Cisco’s Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) and Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP).


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Palo Alto Networks

We offer many services that facilitate the implementation of your firewall. This firewall helps to detect and to defend against cyber-attacks. Palo Alto Networks is based on the control of applications instead of the conventional port control. Nowadays, software, protocols and certainly attackers too use standard ports, like HTTP port 80, to tunnel their own application through a conventional firewall. Palo Alto Networks Appliances identifies and monitors the user and the content as well as applications regardless of which port is being utilized. Together with content security (anti-virus, anti-spyware, URL filter) and endpoint security, a complete, centralized and high-performance security gateway is established that can be used by local, VPN and SSL users as well as by users with mobile PCs.


Cisco IDS / IPS (Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System)

Cisco has a whole portfolio of security solutions for the changing security needs of consolidated, highly virtualized and cloud-based environments. These solutions protect high-performance data centres and mobile work environments even more comprehensively:

  • A highly scalable software for the most frequently used firewall worldwide, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)
  • A virtualized ASA for multi-tenant environments
  • A new Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), that features the highest performance and an efficient application protection in data centres
  • Sourcefire as a multi-stage protection for intrusion prevention


Cisco ESA / WSA (Web Security Appliance / Email Security Appliance)

Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance (WSA) has been developed for companies of any size and it combines conventional techniques for URL filtering with innovative filters for reputation and malware on a single device. This multi-layered system to prevent threats in conjunction with an exceptionally powerful web proxy ranks amongst the leading solutions for protection from web-based threats. Cisco Email Security Appliance (ESA) helps to set out the rules accurately. Harmful e-mails can be fought off in several layers or they will at least be defused. ESA, particularly the recently launched version 10, offers possibilities for configuration to ward off spoofing / CEO fraud, malware and other attacks successfully.


Cisco AMP

Currently Cisco offers the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for Advanced-Malware-Protection (AMP) in the industry. These solutions are characterized by complete transparency and control in the entire extended network – and protection against malware that completely covers the whole sequences of an attack, i.e. before, during and after an attack.

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a comprehensive Cloud solution to administer identity and access and offers a whole range of robust features for the administration of single users as well as groups. With this solution, you can ensure secure access onto local and Cloud applications; for instance, Microsoft web services like Office 365 or many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications of other providers.


Cisco ISE

With the Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco offers a solution that allows you to control the access to the network centrally. Here, one can define client requirements and the resulting access rights for Wired LAN, Wireless LAN as well as VPN. Additionally, administrators receive detailed information via ISE as to who and when someone logs onto the network and with which device.



SafeNet solutions for the protection of identity and data by Gemalto offers a comprehensive range of products for encryption, multi-factor authentication and key management. These products guarantee the protection and the ownership of sensitive data throughout the whole lifecycle – when creating, retrieving, sharing, saving and transferring. That way, companies stay completely protected and compliant all the way from the data center to the Cloud and will stay in full control too – no matter what business they are dealing with.



For quite some time OpenDNS, a solution that can be integrated into the Cisco security portfolio, is available. This solution is evidently able to combine all requirements with security and this without adding complexity. DNS is responsible when IP addresses must be figured out behind domain names. Every one of us and essentially all our devices use DNS on a daily basis. Without DNS, most of our applications would not be functional at all. OpenDNS offers protection at DNS level that does not depend on the protocol and it provides all the information that was collected in order to give defenders the opportunity to be informed swiftly of the current security status. Here, any desired location and any possible client can be integrated into the security concept – and this with minimal effort.


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„Cyber attacks can affect any business, regardless of size or industry.“

Helmut Hödl

Technology & Product Innovation Director, NTS





Besides a high level of technical expertise, an appropriate project management is a prerequisite in order to ensure trouble-free progress of a system integration. The basis for a successful project are the interaction with other systems, a schedule for the commissioning stage that is coordinated with all departments that are concerned, a comprehensive pilot operation, training on the new systems for all employees and last but not least a complete final acceptance and project documentation.



NTS Vulnerability Management is continuously identifying weaknesses and is pointing out their potential risks. Within the scope of this NTS security service, an overview of the assets in the customer network is compiled and weaknesses that are found will be listed. The vulnerabilities will be analysed and rated by our experts. As a result, brief reports will be compiled and discussed with the customer in periodic meetings.



In the security sector, NTS offers matching Managed Services such as firewall security, intrusion detection and prevention, network visibility and segmentation, web security, e-mail security, endpoint security, cloud security and authentication security. With this in place you are going to have your IT security under control, and you will therefore be able to focus on your core business due to a comprehensive support for your IT environment.

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