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NTS Threat Detection Service | SIEM

The Threat Detection Service | SIEM accurately identifies security threats in real time. Therefore, it helps to close security gaps very quickly. Logs from different systems are collected, correlated and analyzed in a central location. Thus, suspicious behavior is discovered and can be reacted upon very quickly. NTS provides all necessary components from the hardware and the required licenses all the way to the service – true to the motto “Relax, we care”. Here you can learn in detail how it works and how threats can be minimized.

NTS Vulnerability Management

NTS Vulnerability Management contributes to the reduction, respectively the elimination of potential dangers. Weaknesses are identified continuously, and their potential risks are highlighted by means of a risk assessment. Independent NTS experts are responsible for design, structure, implementation and operation. It goes without saying that all this comes with regular reporting that is adapted to customer requirements. More about the advantages can be found here.



Our Managed Services removes you from the burden of the operation of the system. Besides compiling a complete inventory, we monitor your IT infrastructure with our super services with regards to performance and errors. We also visualize the performance data and make it more transparent.

In the area of security, NTS offers matching Managed Services such as firewall security, intrusion detection and prevention, network visibility and segmentation, web security, email security, endpoint security, cloud security and authentication security.

“Cyber-attacks can affect any business – irrespective of the size and the industry sector.”

Helmut Hödl

Technology & Product Innovation Director, NTS



Besides a high level of technical expertise, appropriate project management is a prerequisite in order to ensure a trouble-free progress of a system integration. The basis for a successful project is the interaction with other systems, a schedule for the commissioning stage that is coordinated with all departments that are concerned, a comprehensive pilot operation, training on the new systems for all employees and last but not least, a complete final acceptance and project documentation.



We assume the digital responsibility for the IT security of our customers together with our high-end manufacturers and we create IT solutions with reliable security services. Let yourself be inspired by two examples of how such a NTS security solution could look like.

E-Mail Security

For many years, email governs our world and it still is a popular and widespread tool for conventional communication. The correct IT security identifies and removes risks that may come with an insufficient, wrong configuration and unprofessional support. You can protect your Office 365 with the Cisco email security solution – in combination with the NTS Super Services, it forms a comprehensive carefree package: Take advantage of the detection of spam and malware, a simple integration and commissioning as well as an ideal email security for Office 365 installations.

Firewall Policy Management

Firewall policy management in a dynamic environment is very complex. Large security gaps may occur particularly at new services, regular expansions or even during the decommissioning of services. A modern NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) may use dynamic user group information and active directory group information as the basis for the firewall policy. This possibility is falling away for services and devices without registered users (such as printers, cameras or IoT devices) and one must work with IP addresses.

Services and user groups can be abstracted with a NTS security solution. Thus, the firewall policy management can be simplified significantly. Here, the advantages are that the authorizations are automatically assigned, that changes in the tag configuration will not result in changes in the firewall, that firewall policies that are independent of the IP address are possible, and that there are logical clusters for services and devices.

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