Up in the Clouds with NTS

Some companies are already on their way back, some are only starting with it, and some others have already found their spot. We are talking about the Cloud. Finding a decision for the appropriate Cloud strategies when advising customers, NTS includes technical, commercial as well as strategical aspects, which are contemplated by workload.

Current workloads and future requirements are considered the basis for an appropriate Cloud strategy. Subsequently, NTS Cloud experts take over the responsibility and they support during the implementation, the transition, and the commercial execution. As the center of all our action is the slogan: Relax, We Care.

„At NTS, innovation is embedded in the mindset and must not only be called ‘to experiment’, as after all we are also standing for security and continuity.“

Helmut Hödl

Product and Technology Director, NTS

But where is NTS moving around in the Cloud business?

On the one hand, in the DevOps area respectively in the so-called App modernization. Here, NTS assists in setting up Kubernetes infrastructures and consults with IT infrastructure and software development teams during the integration and the automation of CI/CD processes (Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery). Furthermore, NTS creates profound insights in application environments with so-called Full-Stack observability. Thus, NTS enables a smooth operation of the App and the true user experience at the end customer.

On the other hand, in each technology field with SaaS services of NTS manufacturing partners. Here, the combination and orchestration of services amongst themselves respectively with On-Premises software and hardware in customer environments is essential. One still needs a sound knowledge of network, security, collaboration, and data center technology as well as of overlay technologies such as SDA and SD-WAN and of new architectures such as SASE or Zero Trust.

Moreover, workload migrations are the center of attention. NTS creates high-performing connections between hyperscaler and On-Premises infrastructures irrespective of whether it is a lift & shift use case or a simple back-up. NTS also takes care of the multi-Cloud architecture and the automated deployment of the customer specific environment in the infinite expanse of hyperscalers such as AWS or Azure or other Cloud providers.