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Sensual experiences all over. Collaborations are changing the way we work together. From a virtual meeting room to a digital whiteboard – the work is there where I want it to be!

> Telephony


Cisco is supplying a wide portfolio for IP phones in order to benefit from the advantages of IP based telephony. Therefore, the appropriate IP phone / device is provided for each sector of your business.

VoIP uses internet protocols to transfer speech via a network used for data. The telephone exchange exists purely of software and new devices that are integrated into the company network just like any PC. Telephony itself (call processing) as well as all its related applications (CTI, Unified Messaging, XML) will be provided on the existing data network (LAN/WAN) as a central service that is independent of its location. Additional applications can be set up hassle-free thanks to the open internet protocol.

> Video


Fancy being a couch potato or better being in the lobby shortly before checking out? Or rather under the blue sky? It does not matter, because collaboration at all locations and at any given time really does exist.

For this purpose, we develop and implement individual solutions for video conferencing based on the Cisco TelePresence portfolios that not only convince you with perfect sound and picture quality, but incidentally also reduce your costs. No matter if you choose a Cloud service, virtualised software or devices, we offer flexibility when selecting the exact solution and the right business model for your company.

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We connect the Cisco video conferencing system to your existing infrastructure or to the Cisco Unified communications platforms, link it with a Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), connect it with Cloud service and ensure a seamless integration into your operations. For the central administration as well as the provision and planning of the complete video network, you use Cisco TelePresence Management Suite.

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> Cisco Webex Teams


Touch me! It has never been that easy.

Cisco Webex Teams is a completely novel Team-Collaboration-Device that allows wireless presentations, functions of a digital whiteboard as well as video conferencing. This App and Cloud based service connects teams through various meeting, notification, call, whiteboard and approval functions – even when the team members are spread all-over different locations.

With Cisco Webex Teams you are more efficient before, during and after meetings as you find all data in a single place. Furthermore, Cisco Webex Teams convinces with its ease of use and its high-standard of safety.

> Call Center


We believe that the usage of Contact Center Systems will increase over the next few years. A modern alternative to the conventional solutions is data, speech and video communication by means of a convergent network.

Companies thus obtain completely new functions, increase their productivity and save costs on top of that. Cisco’s IP based Contact Center solution, the Cisco Unified Contact Center, fulfills all requirements of a modern call center system. As softphones, i.e. screen-based telephones, are used in a Cisco Unified Contact Center, acquisition and maintenance of telephone hardware will not be required. Vice versa, Cisco IP telephones can be enhanced with customer specific functions via an XML interface so that configurations for call centers, where no additional PC workstation will be required, are imaginable. Through a central administration and a simple wiring for data and speech transfer, installation and maintenance efforts are significantly lower than as with conventional solutions.

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