You are not left alone as we assume the responsibility for the monitoring of your systems, processes and their analysis. Heroic, intelligent and secure. Precisely to the extent that you require, just in that style that you desire.


25 years experience

An IT architecture, that is planned sustainably and mapped out thoroughly, allows reacting to changes within the company in a flexible and cost-effective way in order to optimally support the business development. Our employees gladly participate with their knowledge and experience in creating such a technological vision. Doing that, we assist you in combining economic and technical requirements.

However, we are also available for urgent support and short-term assistance – ranging from network security all the way to consulting during the selection of a suitable Cloud concept for your company. No matter if we talk of weaknesses in the infrastructure of the customer, of problems in the LAN or of security topics, we not only point and work out solutions, we also gladly carry them out.



To guarantee the smooth flow of a system integration during IT projects, it is a key requirement to have reliable project management with a professional design, a good plan and expert technical implementation. In addition to the highest level of technical know-how, a comprehensive final acceptance as well as the appropriate documentation are the basis for a successful implementation.



NTS supports its customers with the consulting service NTS Project Management from the placement of the order all the way to the end of the project. With IT projects in particular, it is noticeable that the quality standard is extremely high, and that time is a critical element.

NTS offer structured and transparent handling of national and international IT projects that is adapted to individual needs. This consulting service ensures a uniform and structured approach utilizing the process driven project management method PRINCE 2. Thus, continuous quality and risk management is guaranteed.

The NTS Project Management is available in 2 alternatives – depending on your requirements. PM.start is the entry-level service of project management and it covers the project initiation. When choosing the PM.full alternative, the NTS project manager accompanies the project all the way to the end and it is the comprehensive carefree package for the customer.

Possible reasons for when NTS Project Management will make sense:

  • Effort more than 10 man-days
  • Impact of more than one partner/supplier
  • Missing or not sufficient internal project management competences
  • Complex project flows
  • Complicated project environment

Nothing is too hard for an engineer.

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24/7 There for you

In the scope of Support Services, we assist our customers when changing hardware and we also offer reactive troubleshooting. Depending on the service level, on-site services might be included as well. For us, NTS support solutions are considered a “must-have”, as they will remove the biggest worries of our customers. 87 employees, 500 customers to be looked after, 3.8 million alarms: find more about our services and the team here.


We take responsibility

Our Managed Services will relieve you from the operation of your system. With our Super Services, we monitor your IT infrastructure for performance and faults and make the performance data at the same time more visible and more transparent besides taking a complete inventory. This means that you not only have your costs under control, but you can also focus on your core activities as your IT activities are supported comprehensively. NTS offers services for network, collaboration, security, Cloud and data center that match your needs.

NTS Managed Services not only include a 24/7 monitoring by means of the NTS Managed Monitor, but also a variety of services such as proactive troubleshooting or the handling of problems and errors.

We obviously also take over the organization and execution of changes of configurations of your infrastructure. For this purpose, our OC – Operations Center is available around-the-clock as a single point of contact. In order to keep the high standard in quality and security, with all our Managed Services software updates we offer comprehensive reporting as well as continuous reviews.



Insight, perspective and vision. Intelligent, efficient and secure. Could this be the ultimate network comfort zone?

Our offer to you is our  NTS Managed Monitor – a transparent overview and insight into your IT infrastructure, heroic NTS monitoring and proactive alerting. Our NTS Managed Monitor therefore allows a fast and simple monitoring of your IT infrastructure.


Carefree TOOLS

The newest of the NTS services mainly simplifies processes and thus increases the efficiency. With the help of individually tailored software products, we would like to make life easier for our customers! The first and definitely last step into this direction consists of our NTS CAPTAIN. Thereby you are not only in control of the helm, but finally also of your IT. NTS CAPTAIN offers an independent, efficient and simple control of your data center infrastructure and represents so to speak the NTS operating system of your data center! Being a self-service platform, CAPTAIN offers the opportunity to act as internal service provider and thus enables IT resources to be generally accessible again.


AHOI CAPTAIN – Full Speed ahead

he workload and the complexity of demands in conventional IT departments are increasing constantly. However, the respective IT resources are not growing at the same pace. As a result, very often problems like inefficiency, long waiting times, missing standards and a decentralized management occur.

With NTS CAPTAIN (Cloud Automation Platform), you are not only in control of the helm, but also of your IT. NTS CAPTAIN offers you the opportunity to become your own service provider. NTS CAPTAIN can be integrated into the existing VMware environments as a self-service platform without difficulties. Find out more here.



As a service provider, we place great emphasis on the requirements of our customers and customer satisfaction is therefore a key issue for NTS. For us measuring customer satisfaction is not a one-time undertaking but a continuous process that is performed on a regular basis.

To measure customer satisfaction, we employ the “Customer Satisfaction Survey” system. Here, upon completion of the NTS services, customers will be asked to provide feedback in two different ways. Feedback is captured on a short standardized questionnaire that is evaluated statistically, but feedback for comprehensive services is also surveyed by telephone.

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