Responsibility around-the-clock! Our Operations Center (OC) is equipped with highly qualified and certified employees that take care of all your requirements regarding system changes and trouble shooting. This is 24x7!

24×7 Service Desk

The OC is your single point of contact: Just simply contact us via the service hotline or via e-mail. All service requests will be protocolled and processed with the help of a job ticket system. An integration of our job ticker system into your internal IT system is possible by means of an XML interface. That way you can retrace at any time how quickly system problems are solved by means of OC.

On-site service

From near and far: Many of our services can be rendered remotely through a direct network access via OC. Additionally, our OC engineers from our locations carry out on-site services at your location when required: which is 24×7.

ITIL conform service processes

Our standard is more than the norm: reliability and efficiency of services are a question of the right process, the optimized organization and up-to-date tools. By means of ITIL, the relevant international de-facto standard, NTS fulfills the requirements for top quality IT service management and largely aligns itself with your business targets through OC during planning, delivery, support and efficiency optimization of IT services.

Service Levels

You can pick your personal service package based on your requirements or on individual parameters out of our portfolio of predefined service products. Here, our spectrum ranges from the handling of breakdowns or the replacement of damaged hardware to the entire operational management of a solution.

Service content of NTS maintenance contracts

The NTS OC is available for enquiries during your defined hours of operation.

The response time is defined as the maximum period from receipt of an enquiry at NTS until it is processed by an experienced NTS engineer.

In the event of a technical defect, an identical or a functionally similar replacement device will be provided.

The software used by you will be upgraded to the latest version on a regular basis taking into consideration the existing licensing rights.

Per remote access, SOC quickly and simply takes on the analysis and resolves system problems – or, in case it is required, directly on-site.

SOC carries out the system adaptions that you desire on all maintained systems.

You are well equipped with the Managed Monitor! With this service by NTS, your IT infrastructure will be monitored permanently for performance and errors. If required, all performance data can be documented with this service.

Data generated out of regular reporting allows at any time a quick overview of all systems monitored by us. Additionally this data functions as the basis to identify weak points promptly in the system and to initiate potential improvements of the system.

Find more information on our Service specification here.


You can reach our Operations Center (OC) around-the-clock by telephone, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Although you can get hold of us around-the-clock by telephone, numbers indicated above or per e-mail (, e-mail communication can be delayed due to external circumstances that are out of our control. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us directly by phone for urgent enquiries.


The operation of the NTS OC is based on ITIL conform processes. Thereby we guarantee that all issues are addressed by qualified and certified engineers of all support levels and thus resolved as quickly as possible. To ensure a faster and more efficient processing of your query, please follow the instructions mentioned on the right side.


NTS highly values quality and customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have a duty manager at your disposal around-the-clock in case you are not fully satisfied with our services during troubleshooting. Please explicitly ask for the duty manager when phoning the support hotline and they will be promptly in touch with you.

IT services at one glance

Support & maintenance

  • 24/7-Support
  • One phone number, one direct contact – “Single Point of Contact“
  • Not a call center, direct access to certified high-class engineers
  • 100% certified employees – 80 team members (more than 10% expert level, CCIEs)
  • The best service culture is our tradition – established service processes in accordance with ITIL
  • ISO-27001 certified
  • 24×7 hardware replacement
  • Support on-site or remote servicing
  • Predictable costs
  • Service specification

Managed Services

  • Proactive system monitoring with NTS Managed Monitor
  • Early detection – management of alarms, before problems occur!
  • Identification of trends for future IT planning
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Proactive troubleshooting 24×7
  • Change management with a guaranteed lead time

Defense Services

  • Exclusively certified security engineers
  • A dedicated customer analyst is allocated to each customer
  • A modern NTS defense platform is used as the basis
  • Professional monitoring of the NTS defense platform at the customer around-the-clock
  • Continuous identification of weaknesses and indication of their potential risks
  • Analysis and alerting of real time events
  • Established processes for the development and prioritization of SIEM use cases
  • Comprehensive security intelligence
  • Operations in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Innsbruck
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