AHOY! Become the internal service provider with our Cloud Automation Platform!

De-centralised management, extensive implementation efforts and lacking standards are challenges traditional IT organisations are facing. Shadow IT systems” are created when individual departments introduce new and/or necessary digital solutions, de-centralised and by themselves. This incurs security risks and requires extensive resources and finally results in a lack of efficiency and control. Last but not least, productivity will also suffer from such de-centralised processes.

By using the NTS CAPTAIN (Cloud Automation Platform) it is possible to create an efficient and independent infrastructure management. Using this platform means that you obtain a transparent IT infrastructure and maintain control.

NTS CAPTAIN offers an independent, efficient and simple control of your data center infrastructure. Basically it represents the NTS operating system for your data center. This self-service platform gives you the opportunity to act as an internal service provider. That way, implementation efforts are reduced, shadow ITs are avoided, the agility is increased and IT resources can once again be generally accessed.


NTS CAPTAIN is our answer to …

… growing workloads in the IT departments
… high implementation efforts in conventional IT departments
… missing control of adherence to IT standards
… inefficient and slow “going live” of new resources
… decentralized management of data center resources



– Efficient infrastructure management
– Using cloud benefits on premises
– Orchestration of IT infrastructure
– Quickly providing complex workflows by yourself
– Smooth integration into existing VMware-environments
– Control over IT standards
– 100% enterprise ready


Not just complex scenarios are based on customer specific standards, but also automated provisioning of different virtual machines and this will not pose a problem. Additionally, Bare-Metal deployments can be performed at the touch of a button or by Public Cloud resources – as for instance, the ones from Azure – can be connected.


In the NTS CAPTAIN solution, we combine sophisticated components by OpenNebula, The Foreman and Puppet, as shown in the graphics below. As a result of this combination, a fully developed and 100% standardised self-service platform has been set up – thought out and designed by highly qualified NTS engineer.


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