With NTS CAPTAIN, you become the internal IT service provider!

NTS CAPTAIN offers an autonomous, efficient and simple management of your data service infrastructure and thus represents the NTS operating system for your data center. Either this new self-service platform will be integrated into your existing data center infrastructure or it can be considered during new installations. NTS CAPTAIN enables IT departments to act as an internal service provider and to answer queries quickly and efficiently.



Vision via a click of the mouse.

The provision takes place within a couple of minutes of clicking the mouse, irrespective of if it is new ESXi-hosts that are based on company specific IT standards, adjusted operation system images or a new virtual data center. Without extra help, with short waiting periods, with low implementation efforts and it’s standardized on top of that. Too good to be true? We agree with you! However, this is by far not everything…



Clouds? No problem for the CAPTAIN.

Even the mapping of complex constructions of virtual machines, networks and storage or the utilization of Public Cloud resources (Cloud Bursts) when the local resources are exhausted, don’t pose a problem for NTS CAPTAIN. On top of that, you are spoilt for choice which a Cloud provider to use for Cloud Bursts. This is another advantage that renders NTS CAPTAIN unique.



Everything is settled at the end.

And there is something else… A fully integrated accounting module that provides the IT managers with fast processing that is based on the utilized resources next to an overview of all virtual machines. So, you see that you will take over the helm with NTS CAPTAIN. Now, as you seem to be able to deal with everything autonomously, you may ask what is the role of NTS?




NTS not only provides the NTS CAPTAIN and takes care of the installation, but also plans together with you the implementation to ensure the maximal customization in order to meet the requirements that are specific for your business. However, we don’t leave you alone after that. The package includes the support of NTS to eliminate software problems as fast as possible!




Yes, that‘s right! NTS CAPTAIN is purely a software product. With this product, we lay the foundation for a new field: NTS Application Services. We look into the future with huge potential and super powers and we still would like to solve many everyday problems for our customers. More to come 🙂



In case you are interested in NTS CAPTAIN, we are gladly looking forward to your inquiries!