Configuration Advisories March 2021 #1

Cisco has published recent Configuration Advisories:

  • IP Adress Ranges für Cisco WebEx Video Integration für Microsoft Teams(CVI)
    The relevant IP Address Ranges for Cisco WebEx Video Integration for Microsoft Teams(CVI) will be extended as of 9th of April 2021 with ‘’. In case you are using these ip ranges on your firewalls or acting as limiter for your WebEx traffic, you should adapt your configuration to reflect the mentioned extension accordingly.


  • New Root CA for Cisco WebEx (please see attachment)
    As of March 2021 Cisco will exchange the root CA for WebEx to ‘IdenTrust Commercial Root CA 1’. We advise you to adapt your configuration accordingly, if you are using one of the following:

    • Expressway/VCS Server for connecting video endpoints to Cisco WebEx Video Platform Services
    • Hybrid Services and NO Cloud Certificate Management on your Expressways.
    • WebEx Edge Audio on your Expressways.
    • Restricted access on Certificate Revocation Lists.
    • NO Default Certificate Trust Stores on your clients.


For details and updates please visit the corresponding CISCO documentation or contact us via