At the beginning it was difficult to establish the brand NTS. In the meantime, NTS made a name for oneself. This is hardly surprising as the location Linz proudly confirms this with its unbeatable team spirit next to the reliable NTS Super Services.

It is easy for Christian Bart, NTS Territory Manager for Linz and Salzburg, to answer the question what makes the NTS location on the Semmelweis Strasse in Linz so special. “At our location we are self-sustainable. This means in other words that as a location manager, I bear of course the overall responsibility, but I am completely independent concerning most regional decisions. This results in a scenario, where we feel that we are autonomous.” All in all, it is a very nice form of appreciation when you are trusted. “When you are made to feel that you can make a difference, then you will succeed in making the difference.” Christian Bart is attempting to pass on this credo to his colleagues.


The former Siemens manager has been demonstrating since 2007 with a mixture of management, technical know-how, sales knowledge and HR skills that the Graz headquarters can rely on him at any time. A little bit over a dozen employees look after more than 100 customers in thousands of working hours every year. A lot of work for such a small team. How does this work without a high staff turnover? “In the same manner as we have taken care of our customers over the many years, our employees have been with us for quite some time. Staff that leaves is the absolute exception and rarely ever happens.” Bart is sensing that the secret for this lies in the emotional qualities of his location. “With the Linz team we really have a very friendly atmosphere amongst us.” The employees are also on friendly terms off-duty.

A second, somewhat hidden fridge that is stocked with delicious items is an indication that at last a joint relaxation takes place where hard work is performed during the day.  


KAPLANHOF heißt der Linzer Bezirk, in dem sich der NTS-Standort

LEBERKAS-PEPI am Hauptplatz genießt Kultstatus und ist immer eine Reise wert.

WILDER KAISER Der letzte Betriebsausflug von NTS Linz führte nach Tirol.

KUNDEN voestalpine, 3Banken IT, Energie AG, EWW AG, Liwest, KTM u.v.m.

Text/Foto: Harald Müller