We are here for you twenty-four-seven! The IT service with the NTS experts of the “Operations Center” (OC) is available around-the clock so that you can sleep well, that your vacation remains a vacation and that your family celebration will not be interrupted.

Sleep well!

If on a Sunday afternoon of all times, problems with the core switch occur, the production start for Monday morning could for instance be in jeopardy. Which one of your colleagues is available and is able to narrow down the error? Who is on call 24 hours a day and has the right skills?

NRS is taking care of this so that you do not have to occupy yourself with these questions, especially when you are not prepared for it. We support you with our OC at any time and we accept the responsibility 24 x 7. This means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. As soon as an error is reported – no matter if via phone, e-mail or ticket interface – we start the support so that everything can keep moving quickly and smoothly. Exclusively certified employees take care of your problems without language barriers, as our services are rendered entirely from Grambach/Graz and Vienna in Austria!

We are not leaving you alone!

Once a problem case is reported, a ticket with a unique number is started. A skilled employee, as your dedicated contact person, is taking care of the incident after an evaluation. However, in special cases a team of experts supports the employee. The procedure follows well-established service processes (ITIL) and for tracing purposes, it is documented without exception. Thanks to the manageable structure and the provision of the service in Austria, the whole team will be able to respond swiftly and in a very flexible manner. Depending on the priority of the ticket, the scope of the service ranges from troubleshooting to a proactive system management and from remote maintenance all the way to local support. If required, the service also includes escalations to the manufacturer.

Relax and let it go!

Ideally our OC solves the problem before you even have noticed it. Thanks to our proactive monitoring with the “NTS Managed Monitor”, we respond to an “incident” already BEFORE the customer is dragged out of bed, called back from a vacation or fetched from a leisure activity or an important meeting. If it happens on a weekend or during the night, we solve the problem by the next working day and we guarantee an uninterrupted operation without loss of efficiency or friction. 24 x 7 here for you!

No stress, even when a lot is happening!

No matter if it is about software updates, software rollouts, new configurations of existing components or for instance new orders in the course of office launch or upgrades, our OC prepares, exchanges, configures, sends and remotely installs components. On site at the customer the plug only needs to be connected “to the network” and that way we take care of it so that you can focus entirely on your core businesses.


  • 24/7-Support
  • One phone number, one direct contact – “Single Point of Contact“
  • Not a call center, direct access to certified high-class engineers
  • 100% certified employees – 87 team members (more than 10% expert level, CCIEs)
  • The best service culture is our tradition – established service processes in accordance with ITIL
  • ISO-27001 certified
  • 24×7 hardware replacement
  • Support on-site or remote servicing
  • Predictable costs
  • Service specification


  • Proactive system monitoring with NTS Managed Monitor
  • Early detection – management of alarms, before problems occur!
  • Identification of trends for future IT planning
  • Software updates and upgrades
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Proactive troubleshooting 24×7
  • Change management with a guaranteed lead time


  • Exclusively certified security engineers
  • A dedicated customer analyst is allocated to each customer
  • A modern NTS defense platform is used as the basis
  • Professional monitoring of the NTS defense platform at the customer around-the-clock
  • Continuous identification of weaknesses and indication of their potential risks
  • Analysis and alerting of real time events
  • Established processes for the development and prioritization of SIEM use cases
  • Comprehensive security intelligence
  • Operations in Vienna, Graz, Linz and Innsbruck