Mobile internet for 36,000 customers


Nowadays there is definitely no shortage of WLAN facilities in public institutions. However, very often these facilities are not very reliable, especially when they are accessed by many people. At WIFI Steiermark with its 36,000 customer annually, it is of no surprise that a large number of people permanently access the WLAN. On top of that, there are trainers and employees that use the WLAN as well. Therefore, it was decided to use a particularly powerful WLAN solution from NTS.

Before we only had 10 access points, but now there are 60

This is how Hans-Peter Potzinger, head of eManagement at WIFI Steiermark, characterizes the upgrade that took about three months to complete. Thanks to the new Cisco WLAN Controller and Cisco Prime for administration, it is now possible for every customer, visitor, trainer and employee to access mobile internet in the entire building of WIFI Steiermark – irrespective of whether they use a smartphone, a tablet or a notebook. WIFI customers frequently use this service to receive their business mails. A further proof of the high internet affinity is the fact that already a third of all WIFI courses is booked via the internet.

NTS had been selected as the partner for the implementation of the WLAN as WIFI Steiermark and NTS are in a proven partnership for almost 20 years. “It is always an advantage when the WLAN matches the rest of the infrastructure”, Potzinger states when referring to the CISCO network that is used at WIFI Steiermark. “NTS simply is a competent partner with lots of experience.”


Technical details

  • 60 access points
  • Cisco WLAN controller
  • Cisco Prime for administration


Scope of service

Planning, migration, training, documentation, remote and on-site resource of a NTS system engineer

NTS simply is a competent partner with lots of experience.