Webex Meeting Analytics

In the working environment of today, virtual meetings are indispensable. It does not matter if one is in the office, at home or in their favourite coffee shop – meetings are possible at any time and at any location. However, loss of sound or video, time lag or even disconnections can spoil the meeting experience. NTS provides the perfect solution for the investigation and the containment of the root causes:  Webex Meeting Analytics.

Webex Meeting Analytics displays all meeting activities almost in real time and it enables a helpful summary of all meeting statistics with regards to different quality parameters. Furthermore, the filter options in the dashboard are manifold and they can be adapted individually. A location-specific allocation and analysis is possible thanks to pre-defined parameters (bandwidth requirements, location-specific fault diagnostics, etc.). Data from different sources can be received, visualized, and analyzed via Splunk. This signifies that a multitude of data, like for instance telemetric data of the network or other data from collaboration platforms, can be linked with the help of Webex Meeting Analytics. Thus, a detailed and customer specific visualization becomes possible.


With the Webex Meeting Analytics tool you will receive a dashboard for a standard all-inclusive rate that visualizes and analyzes the quality of your meetings. For the application, a Splunk license is required. Optionally an hourly time budget for individual adaptions is available for purchase.


For the individualization of your dashboard, there is also the option of a UCS solution or of additional VM hardware available in addition to the NTS hourly time budget.

Super Services included

Our experts will configure your personal Webex Analytics dashboard and they will make sure that you only get what you require. This not only facilitates the work of the people that are responsible for IT and collaboration, but it also means that all employees will benefit from a stable meeting environment. Webex Meeting Analytics can also be used for the analysis of trends. For instance, on the dashboard you can see the following amongst other things:

Webex Analytics Dashboard:
  • Number of meeting participants
  • Bandwidth consumption in a meeting
    per location/user
  • Quality of the meeting per user
  • Type of used device
  • Details about the max. latency and
    the average packet losses
  • Number of meetings in a certain period
  • Support during fault analysis
  • Spotting of trends
  • Flexible process reports
  • Depth display of individual meetings
  • Data is upgradable from any desired source
  • Comprehensive logging – audit logs
  • Individual data storage for company-specific data protection guidelines

Test Webex Meeting Analytics! Should you be interested in a demonstration, please contact us, and arrange an appointment with our experts: sales@nts.eu.