According to the Wiener Zeitung every second Austrian company is already dealing with a digital agenda. However, this is still not sufficient, if recent CeBIT reports that describe a digital transformation of all sectors – also in Europe – are to be believed. This massive market with a huge potential to add value shall not be left to forerunners like the USA or China. Therefore, European trade associations heavily promote digitalization in Europe. During this transformation from the “analogue caterpillar to the digital butterfly”, Austrian companies are facing new and unexpected challenges.

Austria is swiftly emerging from the cocoon and will be heavily confronted with real topics such as “Internet of Everything (IoE)”, “Fog Computing” or “Industry 4.0”. Not only will these topics alter business processes, but will also change the complete working world, if they have not already done so.

Due to these trends, the demand for flexible, scalable and high performing data center solutions is increasing in order to be able to cope with the massive performance requirements that are triggered by IoT. This balancing act seems to be quite difficult to manage for Austrian companies due to limited resources.

From the point of view of a service provider, this fear is completely unsubstantiated as consumption based data center solutions such as “NTS Managed Private Cloud” are able to react technologically and commercially flexible to the new requirements of the customer.

Advantages of “NTS Managed Private Cloud”

  • „Data center out of the socket“: Like power out of the socket, the customer defines which deliverables are required and at what time. NTS experts will provide these simply as a service.
  • Payment as per usage: The service is paid according to the actual usage. Here, cumbersome capital expenditure will be avoided and the flexibility will be increased – much to the CFO’s delight.
  • Flexible hardware location without investment costs: The hardware is operated either directly at the customer or at a regional data center without a one-time capital expenditure by the customer.
  • Flexibility in the storage and performance sector: Veränderungen im Speicherbedarf, sowie Performancespitzen können einfach abgedeckt werden.
  • Guaranteed service availability: The guaranteed availability allows focusing on the core business as NTS experts monitor the service 24×7 at the same time.
  • Short implementation period: Even time restrictions do not pose a problem for this solution, as the implementation period can be reduced to a minimum due to the high degree of standardization.

Bottom line – more time for core business

Digitalization is advancing in Austria too and confronts IT managers with new technical and commercial challenges. With innovative solutions by NTS, companies are able to focus entirely on new digitalization topics around their core businesses. Here, NTS follows the motto “Relax, We Care” and offers by means of the “NTS Managed Private Cloud” an innovative, flexible and scalable approach.

We are gladly at your disposal for questions and for further information!