Walterscheid delivers innovations that are considered milestones in agricultural technology. The Walterscheid engineers achieve their targets to enable an efficient, convenient and secure operation not only by themeselves, but also with NTS and Cisco SD-WAN.


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The 101-year old company Walterscheid, a part of the international Walterscheid Powertrain Group, is the world’s leading supplier of agricultural powertrain and tractor attachment systems. For a long time the company had been looking for an implementation partner in the field of network technology. This was not an easy challenge: it had to be a partner that would be able to support Walterscheid during the global roll-out of the network projects, but it was equally important that the partner had a local presence and that projects could be planned locally. “Today, after years of collaboration, we are able to say that we have found that NTS is the ideal partner which is technically highly competent and we can rely on NTS during project realization in every aspect”, explains Christian Mutschlechner, IT Director at Walterscheid.

“The performance is the achilles’ heel of many networks.”

Christian Mutschlechner


The linkage of the Microsoft Cloud to the Walterscheid corporate network was one of the first key tasks for NTS. After due consideration, SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) was chosen for the site network. A brief explanation: Wide Area Network (WAN) is a computer network that stretches over a large geographical area compared to LAN. The appeal of SD-WAN is based on the fact that several physical WAN connections are combined in a logical network. Thus, a priorization of the data traffic is made possible.

The switch to a software defined WAN-architecture provides many benefits especially for decentralized businesses with several locations that are geographically far apart as in the case of Walterscheid, with 6 production sites and 22 smaller service locations. Some of the benefits are an increased redundancy, an enhanced performance and a reduction of the complexity of the network control – just to name a few.


Thanks for NTS, respectively Cisco being the market leader, an efficient, intelligent and flexible solution; with the decisive technical advantage of being completely independent from the internet service provider was successfully implemented. Thus, the control of the WANs was entirely brought back into the company. This increases the flexibility for future adaptions. The continuously increased amount of business critical, cloud based applications and the demands on corporate WANs are increasingly challenging for any corporate IT – challenges that NTS gladly take on.

  • Founded in 1919 by Jean Walterscheid
  • Since the beginning headquartered in Lohmar (near Cologne)
  • Walterscheid GmbH is world market leader for agricultural and harvesting technology
  • Walterscheid GmbH is a part of the Walterscheid Powertrain Group with 2,200 employees