“Relax, We Care” becomes a success, when you hear a customer remark that NTS is managing to bring the perfect blend of expertise and human touch into an IT project. 

Business requirements are the driver for most IT projects. In case of a company such as the Styria Marketing Services Group that manages customer lifecycles on behalf of the Austrian publishing houses by the name of “Styria”, the successful project of an IT conversion becomes a decisive component of the success of the business. That is how it came about that the Styria Marketing Services Group consulted their long-standing IT partner NTS not only for questions regarding the aspects of infrastructure, but also trusted them with the exchange of a central component in the call center.


As far as this concrete project is concerned, NTS carried out all the tasks with regards to planning, organization and management of the IT project. For these tasks, the NTS IT project manager mainly coordinated the collaboration of all departments and partners that were affected. Thereby, a process-oriented plan for the implementation of the project based on the project management method PRINCE2 was created. This plan was targeted to conduct the project more efficiently and to first and foremost implement it on schedule.

“The Styria Marketing Services Group pursues an immensely high-quality service strategy. The structuring of the customer contacts is of great importance. The concrete project affected the upkeep of the continuous operation in the call center, which involved 6 different companies. The project completion was linked to a non-negotiable date”, states the NTS project manager Michael Milla.

The Managing Director of Styria Marketing Services, Robert Gspandl, reported enthusiastically about the project services of NTS: “The biggest challenge was to draft a time schedule and to stick to it. The schedule was met 100% due to the professional project management by NTS. The handover was smooth and trouble-free.”

“There were no problems. We experienced 100% on-time delivery, expertise and human touch.”

Robert Gspandl

Managing Director, Styria Marketing Services


As it is so often the case with IT projects, it was found that the demands for quality were very high and the time factor was considered an additional critical element. The problems of interface and the coordination of all parties were the highest priority next to the defined project target with a tight schedule. An aggravating factor was the upkeep of the continuous operation. All targets were met by 100%. With the help of periodic status meetings, conducted face-to-face or via Webex tools, every step of the project was clearly structured, and all open questions were answered after the completion of the project.

“It was a challenge to coordinate a team consisting of 6 different companies. The necessary knowledge and the required security for the application of the methods, processes and tools was conveyed to all parties concerned”, confirms a satisfied Robert Gspandl.

Styria Marketing Services Group
  • Foundation: 2013
  • Employees: approximately 200
  • Locations in Graz, Klagenfurt and Vienna
  • Tasks: customer acquisition (Call & Mail GmbH & Co KG / telemarketing) and customer service (Styria Marketing Services GmbH & Co KG / service center) for the publishing houses of the Styria Media Group Ag (Kleine Zeitung, Die Presse) and client on the external market
Fact Box NTS Solution
  • IP-based Cisco Call Center: exchange of a central component during continuous operation
  • 30 project management hours
  • Involvement of 6 companies, amongst them 3 external partners
  • PRINCE2 as a process-oriented approach for the project management
  • Project period: 2019, May 14th – 2019, July 3rd