More than 8,000,000 minutes of video and telephone conferences, 25,600 users, 7 areas of application, 50 languages: SAVD is the market leader for audio and video interpreting in Austria and Germany. Thanks to a solution by Cisco and NTS as a technological basis, SAVD is enabling people around the globe a secure and fast communication that is adapted to individual requirements.

The best treatment, care or consultation does not necessarily give the best results when it happens in a dialogue with non-German speakers. It is essential to start a conversation with people and to understand them, especially in sensitive areas such as health care or law enforcement. Situations when one needs interpreters either on an ad hoc basis or pre-arranged, are now a problem of the past thanks to SAVD. Suitable interpreters are virtually available with just one click of the mouse – the language pool consists of 50 languages, irrespective of time and location.

“I value that with NTS I can reach my contact persons all the time. This highly human component, paired with expert knowledge, make the collaboration with NTS extremely pleasant.”

Feldin Smajlovic

CEO, SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH


SAVD used to use a mobile hand-held device, (Cisco DX80) with a special camera function for document reading and a WLAN function, as early as 2014 and even back then the collaboration was highly successful. “NTS has been on our side for many years and has always been a reliable and ‘tangible’ service provider. Having such a partner on your side and with a huge project in front of you, it is natural to start talking to your existing partner,” explains Feldin Smajlovic, CEO SAVD Videodolmetschen GmbH. Therefore, awarding the concrete project to NTS.

In this project, NTS was able to accompany the expansion of the range of services for SAVD customers by means of switching to a Cisco Enterprise solution. This time, NTS could draw from their complete product portfolio. The overall solution at SAVD is complemented by the historically grown and immensely wide array of collaboration tools as well as a secure and stable network, a modern data center and GDPR conform security solutions. “We were able to expand our range of services considerably with this new solution and we will gladly pass this on to our customers. The new IT solution contributed to an efficient use of our resources and it noticeably improved the workflow in many departments,” spells out Feldin Smajlovic.


On the organization side, it was the key task to bring on board four IT service providers that had previously never collaborated in this constellation for this challenging project. “The constant interaction of all parties concerned was very pleasant and always gave us the feeling that the schedule will be kept,” comments CEO Feldin Smajlovic and adds, “a very tight timeline was foreseen for the successful project.”

  • Specialist for audio and video dialogue
  • 50 languages, 14 of them available within 120 seconds
  • More than 750 customers in the public sector, mainly health care, law enforcement and communal environments