Markas was founded in Bolzano and is now operating in four countries. In its sector of the industry, Markas is considered the market leader. That’s exactly the reason why this service provider relies on a strong partner like NTS.

Markas are proud to include schools and universities, hospitals and nursing homes as well as businesses and hotels throughout Europe as their customers. The company has more than 9,000 employees and boasts an impressive 35 years of experience. As an international all-round service provider, Markas is the market leader in the cleaning and catering, housekeeping and logistics sectors. The headquarter is in Bolzano and their offices are within eyeshot of the NTS office, also located in the same neighbourhood.

We talked to Walter Sester, the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Markas, and to Ivan Sommacal, the manager in charge of IT infrastructures at Markas:

Why do you work with NTS?

Walter Sester: It was important for us to take on board a partner that can be trusted. A smooth cooperation was a basic requirement for the realization of our integrated collaboration solution. We were completely convinced by the solution offered from NTS and Cisco, especially with regards to user friendliness and aesthetics.

Where are the challenges?

WS: In the odd event of a problem, NTS is immediately present and can meet the high expectations of Markas. We think big and we work hard – from Munich via Vienna all the way to Brindisi and, who knows, in the future in other countries as well. What impresses us mainly, is the solution-oriented approach offered by NTS.

What does the future hold?

WS: We assume that smart working will increase substantially in line with sustainability. The collaboration platform by Cisco facilitates work tremendously and it is very productive. A lot can be managed on the road from the notebook. This is very effective and sustainable. For instance, as a video conferencing tool, one shall not underestimate the human aspect besides the high quality, as non-verbal communication takes over communication from a certain point onwards.

What is the role of NTS at Markas Group?
  • Cisco on-premises telephony
  • Cisco Webex meetings
  • Cisco video conferencing systems (room kit systems)
  • Headquarter: Bolzano, Italy
  • Foundation: 1985
  • Employees: more than 9,000 – with 6,800 in Italy and more than 2,200 in Austria, Germany and Romania
  • 262 million annual revenue
  • 34,100 hours per year for education and training for employees
  • 3 times ranked amongst the best 50 workplaces in Italy’s “Great Place to Work”
  • 2 times receiver of the “European Business Awards“ as one of the best employers in Europe

Words by: Kunigunde Weissenegger
Photos by: Martina Jaider