It is a well-known fact that the building industry has more of a traditional standing. However, for decades already the corporate group Leyrer + Graf, one of the leading construction companies in Austria, is taking an innovative approach and leaves nothing to chance. All these activities are underpinned by an open entrepreneurial vision paired with passion and courage for progress. All this is mirrored in the future-oriented approach of the IT infrastructure, especially where the “modern workplace of the future” is concerned.

Here, Leyrer + Graf counts on communication tools by NTS and decided to go for a Cisco Collaboration solution: Cisco Webex Teams. This represents video conferences and collaboration tools on a corporate level, which enables users to communicate to each other in real time and independent of their location.


A scene that for sure is repeated many times in the building industry: the meeting is urgent, but a common appointment with all parties is not possible due to time and location conflicts. After many phone calls and e-mails it becomes evident that the organization of the meeting took much longer than the meeting itself.

Cisco Webex Teams is easing such situations by enabling users to participate at a meeting with just one click. From small up to large video meetings can be hosted for web conferencing participants from any device with a complete 256-Bit-End-to-End-SSL encryption. Additional features such as integrated whiteboards, automatic filings as well as the functions of file sharing and planning complete the picture. “These new tools, which are provided as an app on the mobile devices of our employees, support us on our construction sites very well, be it when sharing photographs, when submitting missing documents or during urgent meetings due to some deviations from the plan”, states Michael Hochhold, Head of Information Technology at Leyrer + Graf.


At Leyrer + Graf, the new collaboration tools are applied wherever it makes sense. Besides successful installations in the offices, it is also provided to the mobile workforce in order to facilitate their daily work routine. To introduce and successfully implement such an innovation, next to technical support, professional management is required.

On the one side one needs to master the functions, but the other side it is to provide an opportunity of a complete new way of working, which in turn requires a professional approach during the realization phase. “New tools should and must not replace the personal communication, which is very important for us, but it needs to complement it. The tools should rather close the gap between a phone call and a face-to-face meeting. Due to the simplicity of controls, this works fantastic with Cisco Webex Teams. NTS gave us great advice in all respects”, adds Michael Hochhold.

“It appeals to men that NTS thinks a step ahead. After extensive consultation, we went for a solution that not only meets our precise requirements, but for one that is also sustainable.”

Michael Hochhold


  • Webex conferences close the gap between a phone call and a face-to-face meeting
  • 6 x Webex Board 55”: video conferencing systems, presentation screen and digital whiteboard all-in-one
  • 5 x room kit: room system with 5K UltraHD camera, high-quality speakers and microphones
  • Straight-forward communication in real time
  • Simple controls
  • No unnecessary business trips: saves time, costs and protects the environment
  • No dedicated IT equipment required for the system control
  • Duration of the project: 14 months

With an annual revenue of about 308 million Euros and approximately 1,800 employees, Leyrer + Graf ranks among the leading construction companies in Austria. The family owned business, which was founded in 1926 by Dipl.-Ing. Anton Leyrer, is controlled by the Graf family since 1964. It is renowned for its people-oriented corporate culture. Core competencies lie in the areas of building construction, civil engineering, wood engineering as well as in the fields of energy and telecommunication. Thereby, our range of services extend from small, private contracts all the way to challenging large-scale projects – even as a general or as a sole contractor.