Cisco Webex Teams at work at the work place of the future and why one of the biggest media groups in Austria is counting on NTS.

Smooth and secure communication between employees, customers and partners have a high level of importance. In case that specific company happens to take up a prominent position within the world of media, fast and reliable access to information is even a decisive factor in this competition.

For this reason, Styria Digital Services GmbH (SDS), which is part of the Styria Media Group AG (Styria), chose NTS as the IT service provider, as NTS has proven its worth by being a long-time, sound partner as well as being able to purposefully combine and securely integrate new trends in communication possibilities.


The future is now with Cisco Webex Teams

For many years, a collaboration in the areas of network and data center, unified communications and video conferencing is already in place at group level. With the project “Cisco Webex Teams”, SDS, NTS and the partner manufacturer Cisco are implementing the “workplace of the future”.


Christoph Grassmugg, Technology Manager Collaboration


The employees of SDS are focussing on digital development, digital performance, analytics, SEO and new business technologies. Thereby it is the main target, to provide the right tools to hundreds of editors so that they are able to share their information on most divers channels in an efficient and secure way.

Cisco Webex Teams offers a facilitation of the collaboration within a group over a physical distance with the help of its Cisco Webex Board. To bridge the geographical distance, meetings are held as video conferencing thus avoiding long journeys in order to attend the meetings. With Cisco Webex Teams, employees can even stay connected in between meetings via virtual meeting rooms and are able to use messaging, data release, white-boarding and even video call functions. This leads to the result that the communication processes in the company will become more efficient and much more simplified.

  • Styria Media Group
  • Third-largest media group in Austria
  • Locations: Vienna, Graz, Zagreb and others
  • More than 60 print and digital media
  • More than 3,000 employees
  •  420 million Euro revenue (2016)
Daniela Haag
Marketing Manager

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