NTS Rosenheim


A reputable list of customers with well-known names is still a good, supporting argument in Bavaria. NTS was apparently able to deliver many such good arguments as the NTS location, which was opened in 2018, has made a name for itself in the region around Rosenheim and in the greater Munich area.

NTS Rosenheim does not stop to grow. Although there are limits for the third biggest city in Bavaria with roughly 64,000 inhabitants, the population in the urban agglomeration is constantly growing. It is not only the wood and timber industry hat prospers in Rosenheim – the service industry is reporting a solid growth as well. It is attractive for businesses to establish themselves in the area of Rosenheim due to the proximity to Munich and at the same time one benefits from a low-price level.

Directly related to this, the NTS location was able to increase the number of customers and the revenue. The staff situation in Rosenheim is tense though – simply because of the proximity to Munich, where many locals that work in the IT industry commute to – but the NTS team is well-rehearsed.

Even though some potential employees are lost to Munich, the proximity of the capital of the Free State continues to have a positive impact. NTS Germany is of course still contemplating to establish at some stage their own office directly in Munich, but the customers, even the ones that are directly in Munich, are currently satisfied with the status quo. As they say in Bavaria: “Das passt scho.“ – “Fair enough.”

Only 1,000 steps separate the Rosenheim city center to the NTS office which is close to the train station.

The quality of life is at least “fair and enough” for the team at the NTS location. In the area of Rosenheim, housing is still affordable, and the entire region of Upper Bavaria is beyond compare with regard to ease of access as well as leisure and nature opportunities. Indeed, if you look at the mountains of the Chiemgau from the NTS office, then every big city will have a hard time to find good reasons. The in- and outdoor setting is without doubt perfectly situated to offer a high level of “Relax, We Care” to all NTS customers.

Team Facts
  • 6 Employees
  • The origins of the name “Rosenheim” are not known. It is assumed that horses (“Rösser” in German) took a break here.
  • The city tour “Creepy and curious things” is famous with young and old alike.
  • 1234: On this nice date, Rosenheim was mentioned for the first time in history.
  • Bavarian customers: Kerbl, Convotherm, ITSMedia GmbH (Nürnberger Presse), Dehn, Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, BOGNER, AGCO/Fendt, Weko Wohnen GmbH, Neenah Gessner GmbH, Nemetschek SE