The amount of pressure is growing on several IT departments due to a rise in cybercrime and an increasing risk that sensitive information ends up in the wrong hands.

Insufficient resources, a lack of know-how and unexpected requirements can very easily lead to a distraction from one’s focus on the essential core business.

We are pleased to present the Haute Cuisine of the NTS Super Services: The NTS Security Service Portfolio. With this service we can relieve our customers from the bigger part of their worries. No set menu, no standard fare, or instant meals – it is prepared as a high-quality service à la carte: All tailored to your own taste!

The NTS Vulnerability Management identifies IT-security vulnerabilities at an early stage. Once a risk has been detected, it will be possible to assess vulnerabilities and potential dangers. Thus, NTS clearly points out concrete threats and how to eliminate them.

When the vulnerability of an IT infrastructure has been identified, it will naturally be the main focus to eliminate these weaknesses. NTS facilitates the concrete execution of the recommended actions: This ranges from the implementation and the Support Services to the Managed Services. Managed Services enables you to outsource entire parts of your IT security and leave them to our specialists.

Important: This should not be a singular optimization exercise, but a continuous process! The IT security only improves sustainably once all security gaps are closed!

We are developing our portfolio in line with our customers just as threats and requirements are changing. For the anniversary year 2020 we have many plans. We are not only launching new products, but the number of our NTS superheroes in the “Defense Team” will also grow accordingly. What we can reveal at this point is that two amazing products are already in the pipeline. The first novelty is the NTS Vulnerability Management, which aims at the fact that early-detection measures for vulnerabilities are not once-off matters but become a continuous service. Only then the vulnerability assessment in the business becomes institutionalized. For the second new product, we focus on the logfiles of our customers. Our SIEM solution with Basic Remote Incident Handling Service does not only collect data but monitors and analyses it as well.

Helmut Hödl
Technology & Product Innovation Director

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