How can a company protect itself without being aware of the vulnerabilities that are present in the internal network?

In the last few years, IT security has gained tremendously in importance. According to a recent study this topic has been placed on top of the list for the most important business risks. It is not only the increasing number of security incidences, but also the impact of possible damages that have grown considerably. Therefore, it is important to be properly protected against all these threats.

NTS Vulnerability Management continuously identifies weaknesses and points out their potential risks. Within the scope of this NTS security service, an overview of the assets in the customer network is compiled and weaknesses that are found are listed. The vulnerabilities are analyzed and rated by our experts. As a result, brief reports are compiled and discussed with the customer in periodic meetings. These reports contain the most essential information as well as recommendations for action. Depending on the group of recipients, the reports can have different formats – strategical, operational or tactical.

The risks of an attack are reduced or eliminated as a result of these activities. Furthermore, it is possible to quantify the effectiveness of the measures that were taken.

Benefits Vulnerability Management
  • Continuous identification and evaluation of weaknesses of the software or of the configuration/li>
  • Classification and risk assessment
  • Periodic and transparent reports tailored to the target group (strategical, operational, tactical)
  • Independent external objective views – conflicts of interest are avoided
  • Open system – the customer is able to generate dashboards and reports/scans independently

We assume the implementation and management of the systems for our customers. Additional features of our service are asset discovery, reports with recommendations for action, periodic meetings with the customer as well as on-demand scans.

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