NTS Remote Security Solution

Are you aware of the risk that is caused by your remote worker?

These days, it is needless to say that a scattered workforce that can access company data anywhere and at any time with different devices is taken for granted. But according to a study by Malwarebytes, these “remote workers” are in 20% of all cases the root cause of a data breach in companies. Very often, the damage to the business that is caused by such a data breach is massive. In order to avoid such an occurrence, it is essential to develop and implement a comprehensive security concept at an early stage. In accordance with Cisco, we recommend to our customers a 5-point-plan to effectively protect important company information – irrespective from where or by whom it is accessed.

The 5-point-plan for security
  1. TRAINING – Win your employees as allies in security matters
    It is one of the first and most important steps to point out the dangers to the remote workers and to inform them about the significance of safe teleworking. Because many watchful eyes are able to significantly reduce threats.
  2. VERIFICATION – Make sure that it is actually the person that he or she pretends to be
    Multi-factor authentication enables a simple and early check if access to company data shall be granted. In order to verify the identity, one could use for example something that is known to the person (e.g. username/password) or something that is owned by the person (e.g. a smart phone).
  3. ACCESS – Allow a secure access from everywhere
    Without impacting the user experience, a secure tunnel between users and applications can be provided via VPN (Virtual Private Network). At the same time, it can thereby be guaranteed that only authorized users are granted access.
  4. PROTECTION – Security threats should be defended at every access point
    Therefore, it is important to establish a continuous line of defense in order to block and to recognize threats and to react to them. This can be achieved with the use of DNS (Domain Name System) combined with endpoint security.
  5. SECURITY CONCEPT – Secure your company data long-term
    Today’s problems that are eliminated quickly and without an underlying concept can give you additional problems already from tomorrow. Therefore, we advise you to consider long-term solution concepts together with the partner and manufacturer of your choice.

We gladly support you in this process: RELAX, WE CARE

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