IT service provider NTS, which operates in German-speaking Europe, continues to grow and is heading for a record revenue of 142 million Euros by the end of 2019. Last year’s business revenue stood at 120 million Euros. The newly built headquarters in Raaba-Grambach in the Austrian province of Styria will be opened in 2020 and will also be the location for NTS’s 25th anniversary.

Development NTS Group

For NTS, 2019 was all about growth and expansion. The highlight and final point for business this year is another revenue increase within the NTS Group. For this year, a revenue of approximately 142 million Euros is expected. The number of employees grew constantly during the past couple of years. In January 2019 the headcount stood at 300 and presently there are 380 team members.

In 2019, NTS further increased the location network as well. In addition to the seven Austrian locations (Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt, Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Dornbirn) and NTS Italy GmbH, the Italian branch that was founded in 2011 in Bolzano in South Tyrol (province of Trentino-Alto Adige), the fourth German NTS location Augsburg was founded as part of the expansion into Germany with Friedrichshafen, Rosenheim and Leipzig being the existing locations.

The strong growth of NTS requires further expansion of the Raaba-Grambach headquarters. The new area is scheduled to be completed by 2020. The building sized 1,300 m2 will offer working space for 80 employees.

Expansion Germany

In 2025, NTS would like to have 12 locations in Germany – mainly in the areas of the states Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg. It is mainly the strong growth of NTS AG that paved the way into the German market. NTS executive board member and CEO Alexander Albler states: “Even with the background of digitalization it is continuously of great concern to us to be as close as possible to the customer in order to consistently ensure our high quality in customer support.”

Multiple awards from manufacturing partners

In 2019 NTS Germany GmbH was named “CISCO Newcomer Partner of the Year” in Germany. These Cisco partner awards are awarded to channel partners to honor outstanding achievements. At the Cisco Partner Summits 2019, NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG won two EMEAR Eastern Europe theatre/area awards as well: “Commercial Partner of the Year” and “Eastern Europe Partner of the Year”.

Furthermore, NTS can also celebrate being named “Fastest Growing Partner” by their partner Commvault and “Growth Partner of the Year” by Palo Alto Networks. “We are very proud of these awards”, states Albler.

“These awards are a confirmation of the excellent collaboration and the longstanding partnership between Cisco and NTS.”

Alexander Alber, CEO, NTS

from left: Uwe Peter, Vice President und CEO, Cisco Germany, Katharina Jessa, Head of Small & Medium Enterprise, Alexander Albler, NTS CEO, Kai Bielfeldt, Manager Regional Sales © Cisco Germany

Technology outlook 2020

Next year, NTS will concentrate on the expansion of NTS Security Services, thereby counting on the area of NTS Managed Services. In the area of security NTS offers coordinated managed services such as firewall security, intrusion detection and prevention, network visibility and segmentation, web security, email security, endpoint security, cloud security and authentication security.

“We don’t want to be led astray due to short-term trends and severe hypes. We want to offer our customers technology solutions that meet their requirements and that are sustainable.”

Alexander Albler, CEO, NTS

NTS Top-Management Team, from left: Michael Seewald, Günther Peer, Alexander Albler, Petra Seewald, Vinzenz Ferk