Regensburg does it all. Ranging from the world’s best Bratwurst to taking strolls through a unique old downtown. For NTS this historic place shines as NTS’ sixth location in Germany.

As the northernmost point of the Danube, where the streams Naab and Regen meet, lies Regensburg, one of the oldest cities in Germany. With its Venetian flair, the city with Roman roots is also often called the northernmost city in Italy. Over 2000 years of city history, extraordinary landmarks and historical sausage highlights make Regensburg a sought-after tourist destination and an important economic center. Reasons enough for NTS to gain a foothold here and expand its network of locations. Alongside Friedrichshafen, Rosenheim, Leipzig, Augsburg and Reutlingen, Regensburg  is already the sixth NTS location in Germany.

"Having an on-site presence, enjoying what you do and reaching goals together are at the top of NTS’ bucket list for this journey. And we are happy about all the people that are going to join us!"

Jürgen Tabojer

Sales Director Germany, NTS

RELAX, WE CARE in Regensburg

At this point, more than 85 employees are contributing to the success of NTS Germany. Since the founding in 2017, the team has been growing continuously. By the end of the year, NTS is looking forward to a total of 100 IT heroes who will continue to implement exciting projects in Germany.

Jürgen Tabojer, Sales Manager Germany, about his strong team: “Together with our team and our manufacturers we have managed to celebrate great successes. We are proud of our crew and the steady expansion in Germany. Despite, or perhaps because of, digitalization, it is very important for us to be close to our customers. This is the only way we can guarantee a holistic service.”

location Facts
  • Number 6: Newest NTS branch in Germany
  • Extensive and old: The Stone Bridge is Germany’s oldest preserved bridge.
  • With sauerkraut and mustard: Homemade sausages for more than 500 years in the historic Wurschtkuchl
  • Everything in flow: Northernmost point of the Danube
  • Bella Venezia: Italy’s northernmost city
right in the middle and fully involved

The German subsidiary NTS Deutschland GmbH is not only the youngest of the NTS Group, but also the one growing the fastest. However, no expedition will succeed without a satisfied crew and an excellent team. And that is why we are looking for YOU! JOIN US.