NTS Managed Monitor

NTS Managed Monitor facilitates monitoring your IT infrastructure in a fast and simple way. With this service, NTS takes on all tasks concerning professional monitoring of your network, communication and data center systems.

NTS Managed Monitor

NTS Managed Monitor facilitates monitoring your IT infrastructure in a fast and simple way. With this service, NTS takes on all tasks concerning professional monitoring of your network, communication and data center systems.

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Today, more than ever modern companies rely on high degrees of transparency and control in order to conduct business operations without restrictions. The corporate IT became the platform for the business success of companies of any size.

The service and support requirements of many businesses are changing because of the technological transition. Although device specific network support contracts offer excellent protection for individual devices, this type does not provide the complete and necessary insight into all network levels. How can you therefore understand the overall condition and the safety of the network and identify potential problems before they even occur?

NTS Managed Monitor is a unique service platform that enables you to rely on methods, on technical tools and on the proven service infrastructure of NTS. The results are a maximal transparency and operational safety for your own corporate IT infrastructure. Our Managed Monitor offers the required insight into the network level, a traditional maintenance and a proactive network service on top of it.

What Managed Monitor offers
  • Full transparency of the client-specific IT infrastructure with regards to the actual inventory and the actual state of the devices
  • Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)
  • Cloud based monitoring by experienced NTS experts
  • Proactive assessments of conditions and notifications
  • NTS experts are responsible for the design, the implementation and the operations
Alarm, Alarm

The additional value of the NTS Managed Monitor is that, besides the monitoring activity, it comes with an event and alarm management, too. In the course of the event management, events will be classified in advance and an NTS expert checks potential errors before an error message occurs. The alarm management system by NTS is on offer 24 x 7 (around-the-clock, 7 days a week).

Out of the Cloud

A private NTS Cloud centralizes the entire intelligence. From here, all monitoring jobs are controlled. The collecting of data takes place locally though by means of the installed worker. Depending on the customer requirements any number of workers can be installed, for example for load sharing and redundancy or to optimally monitor systems that are installed at different locations. The workers collect their jobs at the main center and transmit the results using encryption. Then the gained information is displayed clearly in the Managed Monitor Portal.

Super Service

As a first step, highly qualified NTS engineers will analyze and evaluate occurring events. As a second step, a proactive notification about detected risks or problems in accordance with the agreed hours of operation (12 x 5 or 24 x 7) will take place when necessary.

Your connections into the Cloud
  • Efficient and secure management of the IT infrastructure
  • Integration directly into the network
  • Gateway into the private NTS Monitoring Cloud
  • Virtual appliance under VMware

Managed monitor components

NTS Managed Monitor comprises of several clearly distinguished modules. Each of the modules has a clearly defined scope of service that can also be extended on request after consultation with our service engineers.


Modul Inventory

The basic module “inventory” takes care of the inventory and the continuous capturing of serial numbers, modules and interfaces of the devices. Next to technical details, maintenance information is displayed. A clear, well-structured presentation of all information is available at any time in the web portal of the Managed Monitor.

Config Backup

Modul Config Backup

This module carries out configuration backups of all supported devices. The backups are available on a daily basis via the Managed Monitor web portal. Changes in the configuration are traceable via version control of the backup files.


Modul Monitoring

This module includes the functions “fault monitoring” and “performance monitoring”. Here, the live conditions of the devices are monitored during the selected period (12 x 5, 24 x 7). Measurements and aggregation of different values can help to identify utilization trends for example. Service checks that match customer requirements and types of devices allow an individual monitoring. Examples for such checks range from simple monitoring of the CPU or controlling of the interface utilization up to complex controls of VPN remote access services.

Config Gate

Modul Config Gate

The Config gate helps to support the staff members of our customers that are in charge of IT. The service desk thus has the possibility to carry out standard tasks, e.g. switch port configuration, in a greatly simplified web interface. The Config gate can therefore be seen as a self-service portal for the customer.

Technical structure and requirements

All you need to make use of the advantages offered by the Managed Monitor is the so-called ‘NTS Worker’ that integrates into your network and represents the gate into the private NTS Monitoring Cloud. It will be installed as a virtual VMware Appliance. The ‘NTS Worker‘ itself will only receive a local configuration (IP address, etc.). The system receives all further tasks to be carried out from a Job Server via coded connections from the private NTS Cloud. In this way all communication paths are unambiguously predefined and guarantee the customer highest possible security during operation.

With great power comes great responsibility.

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