NTS Managed Monitor

The NTS Managed Monitor quickly and simply facilitates monitoring your IT infrastructure. With this service, NTS takes on all tasks concerning professional monitoring of your network, communication, and data center systems.

NTS Managed Monitor

The NTS Monitoring System allows for quick and simple monitoring of IT infrastructures. Consiting of three components, it performs all the tasks necessary for the professional oversight of network, communication, and data center systems.

The services of the three components are divided as follows:

  • NTS Portal: Centrally provides NTS Services (modules) for NTS customers.
  • MonitoringView (MonView): An application for displaying live status information.
  • NTS Caretaker: Supports the detection of devices in the network and automatically captures the required data for inventory.


The NTS solution includes an event with an alert management besides the conventional monitoring functions. The warning notices that occur are checked upfront by NTS experts and – if required – contact persons that are responsible for the IT infrastructure that is being monitored will be proactively informed within 30 minutes. Depending on the maintenance contract, NTS autonomously begins to fix the bugs.

A further key feature is the central NTS Monitoring Cloud. NTS caretaker instances transmit encrypted monitoring and inventory data to the private NTS Cloud. The present status of a monitored IT infrastructure can be viewed at any time via a web portal. 

The NTS Monitoring System web portal offers a comprehensive overview of all registered devices of the IT infrastructure and their status. The authorized users will receive login credentials from NTS that can be used to retrieve current data. Thus, NTS customers are able to independently get an idea of the condition of their IT infrastructure. The communication between the web portal and the browser is done in an encrypted form.


  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Life view of the IT inventory
  • Life view of the present status
  • Private NTS Monitoring Cloud
  • SSL secured exchange of data
  • Monitoring-as-a-service
  • Event and alert management by NTS experts
  • Design, implementation, and operation of the monitoring
    by NTS engineers
  • Constant further development by NTS
  • Automatic in-service update cycles


The NTS Monitoring System consists of up to three modules. Each of these modules is based on the central inventory and it incorporates a well-defined service area. Modules can be added quickly when required and after consultation with an NTS service engineer. Thus, the functional scope can be expanded dynamically.



This basic module handles the inventory and continuous registration of serial numbers, modules, interfaces, and components of the devices. In addition to technical details, maintenance information is displayed. For Cisco devices, for instance, product lifecycle data is automatically retrieved from the manufacturer and recorded accordingly. This information is displayed in a well-organized manner in the web portal and can be accessed at any time. Additionally, the reachability of devices is tested with a ping service check.


Modul Config Backup

This module performs configuration backups of the supported devices. These backups are available with daily updates via the NTS portal. Configuration changes are transparent thanks to the versioning of the backup files.



In this module, devices in the inventory are monitored based on their live status and displayed in NTS MonView. Information regarding errors, performance, and device status is monitored over the desired period (12×5 or 24×7). By measuring and aggregation of different values, capacity trends can for example also be detected and memory alterations can be displayed.

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