Here I am human, here, I can express myself

NTS said in line with Goethe after long deliberations and moved into new offices in the center of Leipzig. From now on, the OC Leipzig will give customer satisfaction its highest priority from the top floor – and the outlooks are ideal.


From the roof top terrace, which is situated around the floor, the town hall tower of the old town seems to be within one’s reach, the train station is only a 5 minutes’ walk away, a few streets away the football station sits enthroned and the roof landscape is constantly interrupted by spacious parklands. No doubt, it is not only the local soccer club RB Leipzig that made it to the top league, but it is the town itself that is an aspiring example on how to start into the future with full throttle.


NTS has not made it easy for itself to search for a new location. Numerous cities have been evaluated and the reasons that at the end of a long process were in favor for Leipzig are the potential on the employment market that the region is offering (there are 1.2 million people living within a radius of a 30 minute drive) as well as the general quality of life. “The nicest office does not help when the employees cannot afford the cost of living or if they cannot find a diversity of leisure activities”, is the guiding principle.

The third base of NTS in Germany supports with the 4th OC team the “control centers” Graz, Vienna and Klagenfurt. Thereby, the geographical distance does not matter and there are also no limitation of customers as the OC is a virtual team that is spread over different locations keeping the systems running preferably without the customers becoming aware of it. At the moment the engineering and the administration teams are being developed, but thanks to the excellent reputation, the offices at the Goerdelerring in Leipzig are continuously filling up with activity and know-how.


Only once in Europe: a riverside forest almost touches the city center and it is closely intertwined with the urban development.


Opposite of NTS the building “Runde Ecke” is situated. Since 1990, a famous Stasi-museum can be found there.


In Goethe’s play Faust, Faust himself lives in Leipzig and likes to frequent the “Auerbachs Keller”, which is today the most famous as well as the second oldest inn in town.


Text: Harald Müller