Dear customers, partners and employees,

NTS is setting sail into the future and is heading towards new goals with a tailwind. For NTS, the last calendar year was the most successful in our company’s history. We are very proud to have achieved a revenue of 120 million Euros! In total, NTS currently employs 300 people.

What does the meaning of constant success actually  mean to us though? What is behind it and what will be our special focus for the next years?

Act Local – Think Global

Besides the seven NTS locations in Austria (Grambach/Graz, Klagenfurt, Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Dornbirn, and Innsbruck) and the subsidiary NTS Italy in Bolzano/province of Trentino-Alto Adige that was founded in 2011, two new location were opened last year in Germany. With the Leipzig office, we celebrate the first service location in Germany, which will support the “SOC control centers” in Graz, Vienna and Klagenfurt. Within the next 5 years, 50 employees in vibrant Leipzig will provide NTS Super Services for our customers. Due to the proximity to Innsbruck and Dornbirn and the good connection to Greater Munich, the location in Rosenheim is a logical addition to the already established location in Friedrichshafen. By 2025, we would like to have 12 locations in Germany – mainly in the areas of the states Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Now being a multi-country business, it will even be more important for NTS to make sure that the interactions between the regional locations work well. Behind a healthy growth, there are many processes, excellent and long-term customer and supplier relationships, new alliances as well as carefully considered technological strategies.


However, not even all this would be enough without the often-quoted NTS sprit and an exceptional crew! RELAX, WE CARE is our distinct, joint credo and our proud 300 employees make this spirit discernible. Therefore, we strongly continue to build on our team, we will strive to promote different ways of life, we aim to be flexible with time management, selection of locations and fields of activities and we will support the personal development of our crew. It goes without saying for us that we share our success and that we communicate at eye level.


What holds the new year from a technological standpoint? In brief: no hypes, but strategy. We don’t want to go off course due to short-term trends and vicious hypes, but we want to offer technological solutions to our customers that meet their requirements and that are sustainable as well. Our top priority is the development of our five technology sectors network, collaboration, data center, Cloud and support services in connection with our heroic NTS Super Services such as NTS Managed Services, Support Services or the implementation and consulting services. Exciting NTS products such as NTS CAPTAIN that target an independent and simple control of your data center infrastructure should also not be missed


With that in mind, we say, „AHOY – full steam ahead“.  With joy and enthusiastic excitement, we are looking forward to the new year and welcome a “super” NTS year 2019!


Alexander Albler and Hermann Koller