NTS Incident Response Service

Companies have recognized that cyber-attacks are among the greatest security risks.¹ Therefore, it’s crucial to implement suitable protective measures. Despite the best protective measures, there is no 100% security. Thus, it is pivotal to be appropriately prepared so that in case of an attack, the operation can be recovered as quickly as possible.

This is especially essential as an incident can cause substantial damage. These include, for example: financial losses, legal violations (for instance in the context of the NIS2 guideline) or even jeopardizing the existence of the entire company. According to Gartner, a provider of market research results and analyses of developments in the IT sector, businesses are mostly aware of the importance to respond quickly to incidents, even though they lack the internal resources or the respective know-how².

If the search for the right experts only begins after a cyberattack, not only is valuable time lost, but high costs can also be expected. Therefore, it is highly advisable to contemplate upfront what to do in case of an emergency. The solution is the purchase of an Incident Response Service with clearly defined response times and costs³. NTS relies on solutions from Cisco Talos and Palo Alto Unit 42.

Cisco Talos

By purchasing an Incident Response Package from Cisco Talos, the customer secures professional support from the experts for the specified period in the event of a security incident. As the owner of this package, the customer can also request other included proactive services, such as the execution of assessments to check the security in the company.

NTS Incident Response Service with Palo Alto Unit 42

In cooperation with Palo Alto Unit 42, NTS offers an alternative option for utilizing an Incident Response Service. Here, NTS retains ownership of the package and provides the customer with the necessary specialists in an emergency for a small monthly fee. NTS takes over the coordination between the customer and Unit 42 and is available as the primary contact in the event of an incident.

A large benefit of NTS Services can be found in the flexible billing. Besides the low fixed running costs, additional costs will only occur in case of a security incident, whereby the necessary hours that are needed for the remediation will be billed. Thus, this approach provides a flexible and cost-efficient solution in case of a crisis without the necessity of expensive advance payments.

Your advantages at a glance
  • Protection in the event of a cyber attack
  • Transfer of the lead to a prestigious team of experts
  • Comprehensive know-how and experience during security incidents
  • Quick support within a few hours thanks to 24×7 standby

Both the NTS Incident Response Service and the Cisco Talos  variant are very good options for being optimally prepared in the event of an emergency. NTS provides advice and supports in choosing the right variant for the customer.

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