NTS Friedrichshafen


In history, Friedrichshafen was always an important location for the aircraft industry. However, NTS customers don’t need to rely on airships when it revolves around the security and the stability of their IT.

PROFESSIONAL RANGE: From here, approximately 45 local, national and international customers are currently taken care of.

NTS Friedrichshafen is one of the biggest in Germany with currently 14 employees. This is a clear signal that NTS has fully arrived in the region. Although, the saying goes that the mentalities in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria slightly differ, fast reactivity, reliability and handshake quality are still a common cross-border denominator for all parties concerned. For many clients, customer proximity and local presence are essential values. The colleagues in Friedrichshafen are able to focus entirely on their region thanks to the new team in Reutlingen, which is able to cover the northern area. For Friedrichshafen as a traditional industry and business location is a fertile ground and the entire economic hub of Lake Constance – Upper Swabia is home to many national and international businesses.

Talking about personal support: Like anywhere else, the availability of qualified employees in the larger area requires a lot of attention, but the local quality of life, the level of prices and of course the NTS-Benefits are lucrative reasons. Additionally, NTS have already achieved a certain good standing in the industry in Southern Germany and this has had a positive impact on the search for employees as well. And of course, last but not least, Lake Constance is a very special luxury for the Friedrichshafen office as it multiplies all the leisure opportunities after a strenuous working day. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that some NTS colleagues from other locations prefer to arrange appointments at the NTS-Office in Friedrichshafen especially during the summer months…

Team Facts
  • 13 Employees
  • With a depth of 250 meters, Lake Constance is the deepest (and most abun dant) lake in Germany.
  • Only 140 meters separate the NTS-Office from the shore of Lake Constance in the town garden.
  • In 1817, there was a flood at Lake Constance with a water level of 6.36 meters – and this due to a volcanic eruption in 1809.