1 day, 3 countries, 14 locations, 27 rooms, 380 participants

Our annual team meeting was conducted under the slogan “think global – act local” in an environmentally friendly and cost saving manner in the form of a one-day video conference. In this meeting we focused on a system check and on all kinds of updates. The whole team was provided with the most important strategies and information for the future of NTS.

Thereby, a total of 3 countries, 14 locations and more than 380 employees seized the opportunity to hold an all-day digital company conference with the help of the video conferencing system Cisco Meeting Server. For this purpose, a total of 27 rooms were reserved for the entire team for the video broadcasts and 11 remote participants dialled in. With the assistance of two alternating interpreters on additional Webex channels our foreign-language colleagues were able to follow the kick-off in English on a second audio track.

“We are committed to operating in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and for this reason we optimally utilize our collaboration possibilities also in-house.”

Michael Seewald, Chief Operating Officer

NTS sets an example by increasing strong environmental awareness against increased CO2 emissions. Furthermore, NTS shows possibilities to optimally use modern communication technologies in the business world. Our team saved 8,071.8 travel kilometers and thus conserved 4,898.8 kilograms of CO2 emissions. This almost equals to the distance between Graz and Florida. The team was able to comfortably dial-in from individual locations as opposed to be faced with long waiting periods, flight delays and complicated hotel bookings.

Fact Box

  • One-day video conference with Cisco Meeting Server
  • 3 countries, 14 locations, 380 employees
  • 27 occupied rooms in the NTS locations for the video broadcasts
  • 11 remote participants
  • 2 interpreters on a second Webex channel
  • Webex board as a digital whiteboard: can be used by several persons regardless of if they are in one room or in another one of the other 3 locations

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Meetings is very impressive with regards to uncomplicated attendance, clear audio and video and easy screen sharing.

Cisco Webex Teams combines user and technology in a user-friendly and safe environment. Our employees were able to stay connected with the help of virtual meeting rooms, to use messaging, data sharing,  white boarding and video call functions.

Cisco Webex Calling is a comprehensive Cloud collaboration package that comprises of everything that a business requires. Therefore, your telephone system is in the Cloud and you are able to enjoy all the advantages of a conventional office phone system, but without the complex management.

Advantages of video conferences

  • Webex conferences fill the gap between telephony and face-to-face talk
  • Uncomplicated communication in real time
  • Ease of use
  • No unnecessary business trips: saves time and costs and protects the environment

NTS Italy as an alliance partner for climate

Our subsidiary NTS Italy takes a first step towards climate neutrality as an alliance partner for climate.