NTS Augsburg


The NTS location in Augsburg has grown. It was opened in 2019 as an interim solution, but in the meantime new quarters have been taken up and it is already one of the biggest NTS locations in Germany.

Crude oil, waste, data – a lot of things have already been called the “future gold”. However, most likely and closest to real life, this is applicable for the most valuable asset of NTS: its employees. This fact was not the main driver, but definitely very decisive for the decision to open a location in Augsburg. And it was worth it. The ideal human resources situation in the Augsburg area helped the new location to grow rapidly and allowed a lot of leeway to position central NTS resources for the entire NTS-Group.

The transport link to the new offices in the smart new building is excellent due to the proximity of the highway. On the other hand, the perfect connectivity with public transport makes up for the distance to the beautiful historic city center. Compared to other locations, where you can find NTS very often right in the city center, the Augsburg location at the outskirts takes advantage of the entire metropolitan area as the housing costs near the center are getting close to the level of Munich– this is not reasonable for NTS-Employees.

It is the uncontested beauty queen of all NTS locations: The Augsburg historic city center has many admirers.

Aside from that, there are commercial arguments that play an important role for the location in Augsburg. The economic area that surrounds the city with its 500,000 in habitants is one of the most important industrial locations in Southern Germany. Together with the second Bavarian locations of Rosenheim, NTS perfectly covers the large metropolitan region around Munich (and of course the city of Munich as well).

Augsburg, the former city of the Fugger family, has once already received the award as the greenest and the most liveable city in Germany. Hence, for the NTS-Experts everything is prepared for with regard to quality of life and they are able to take care of the NTS-Customers in the best possible way. Combined with the NTS-Experience that is a benefit for all NTS-Employees, a very appealing package is created that motivates maximum performance.

Team Facts

  • 24 Employees
  • Knacker: The “Augsburger” is a delicious, boiled sausage and an international export hit.
  • The new district heating power plant is close to the NTS office.
  • Puppenkiste: The reputation of the Augsburg marionette theatre reaches far beyond the borders.