Save money and have more time for the essential things

Businesses have to consider a realignment of their IT infrastructure and this not only because of the ongoing digitalization. According to a recent study by Cap Gemini, big leaps forward cannot be expected although almost half of the local companies will increase their IT budgets in 2017. Still a huge amount of money is going into updated software licenses and upgrades of hardware. More than ever, investments must have a measurable benefit and should be at the least exposed to risks as possible.

An appropriate mean to achieve this is by shifting investment costs to operational costs. This does not only save money but is also reduces the risk. Especially with the help of Cloud services, companies can scale their business much easier by getting products and services via a rental model and paying a transparent monthly rate. On top of that, Cloud products can be put into operation rather quickly and can also be terminated quickly as well – in brief: Cloud products are especially characterized by a high flexibility.

The same is valid particularly for the monitoring of the IT infrastructure. From a certain business size, respectively a complexity of IT processes arise, hence a professional monitoring service cannot be avoided. Even small IT breakdowns could lead to a whole series of problems for companies, which could potentially cost a lot of money at the end of the day and may also result in unhappy employees and dissatisfied customers.




With a MaaS model, (Monitoring as a Service) companies not only save on complex investments into software and hardware, but also on expensive training for employees that are assigned specifically for this task. If an experienced IT service provider handles managed monitoring, the company is provided with the necessary insight into the network level but also with traditional maintenance as well as proactive network services in addition. Thanks to the resources of the service provider, companies can rely on a 24-hour monitoring on all seven days of the week without having to provide their own manpower or their own technical resources.

Thanks to a service platform, where all alarm messages and monitoring jobs are controlled in a transparent way and from where they can be retrieved, companies can basically use the service immediately. Employees of the MaaS service provider will analyze and evaluate all events that occur. Only then, if at all necessary, a proactive notification regarding discovered risks or problems in accordance with the agreed operating times will takes place.

This in fact, allows the IT manager of the customer to only deal with those messages that are actually relevant. Possible false reports are detected immediately and will not have to be checked by the customer any more. Therefore, costs are saved and more time is available for essential things. This is valid for all network, communication and data center systems in the entire company.


  • No investments in software, hardware or additional personnel
  • General advantages of the Cloud such as simple access via a browser or retrieving of all information via a common platform that is updated regularly and therefore always representing the latest status
  • Running costs with simple exit options without risk and optional scaling for potential changes in the IT operation of the company
  • No tedious implementation, installation or configuration
  • No trainings and courses
  • A professional security that only permits access for authorized persons to the events and to the status reports


MaaS gives benefits to businesses not only because of a carefree package solution without a one-time capital expenditure and expensive staff recruitments or trainings, but also thanks to a professional monitoring of the whole IT system of the company. With a streamlined IT structure, the companies are now able to focus fully on their core businesses and to concentrate on how to develop new business models as the companies can utilize their data in the interest of their employees and customers.

System failures will be reduced to a minimum and profound network specialists differentiate between serious alarms and error messages quickly and invisibly. By using managed monitoring, businesses are able to save costs, which in turn can be invested into the digital transformation. Furthermore, thanks to clearly defined service level agreements, businesses benefit from a professional monitoring of their IT, which they, by themselves to that extent could hardly ever provide.