Kerbl is a family owned business under the management of the owner that vouches with its name to be a reliable partner for livestock farming and animal husbandry. NTS is an owner-managed business that vouches with its motto “Relax, we care” to be the ideal IT partner. Does this sound like the “perfect match” for IT and animal husbandry? The success story of Kerbl answers this question with a distinct and enthusiastic “YES”.

Owner-managed family business

With more than 500 employees, Kerbl offers a uniquely wide range of accessories for livestock farming and animal husbandry. Buchbach and Ampfing (situated in the district of Mühldorf/Inn, Bavaria, Germany) based Albert Kerbl GmbH is a production and trading company that operates internationally. The Kerbl Group, which was founded in 1962 on a small farm, achieved an annual revenue of 238 million Euros in 2017.



In the course of the tendering process for the reorganization of the existing routing and switching environment, Kerbl has decided to adopt new approaches together with NTS. The courage to team up with a new Cisco partner was more than rewarded according to Christian Meisersick, Head of Global IT at Kerbl, “From the very beginning, we fully relied on NTS, because we immediately observed that NTS is making the most of our infrastructure. We were particularly convinced by the service expertise of NTS as well as their exceptional high level of technical knowledge. Our contact persons listen to us, they address our requests and point out what makes sense for our applications. NTS demonstrates that a service partner has a significant impact on the success of the infrastructure of the manufacturer.”

The specific topic of the tender by Kerbl was the renewal of the Cisco network Core solution at their headquarters in Buchbach / Upper Bavaria. Behind the demand to be able to meet all future needs and in order to provide all employees of Kerbl a performing network with sufficient bandwidth, the increasing of the speed from a 1 gigabyte to a 10-gigabyte network was especially required. To complete the picture, a maximum of IT service quality and security with the best cost-effectiveness was required.

“From the very beginning, we fully relied on NTS, because we immediately observed that NTS is making the most of our infrastructure.”

Christian Meisersick, Head of Global IT, Kerbl

Christian Meiersick describes the reason why NTS was chosen for this project as follows: „NTS is a feel-good partner. A partner that is taking you by the hand and is telling you what the best solution is for the moment and which features and possibilities should be considered for the future. This is not the case with all partners.” NTS implemented a well-balanced solution that was able to combine the intended tasks with the necessary ones and was able to set the course for the future in addition to that.


Everything under control

During the actual go-live phase of the new Core switch at the Kerbl headquarters, the technical expertise and the interpersonal skills of the NTS employees were revealed. “NTS ideally anticipated this critical moment and managed to complete it with the necessary caution with minimum downtime”, summarizes Mr. Meiersick. “Through this collaboration, new projects in the areas WLAN, UC and in the service segment were formed with NTS.”

  • Production and trading companyAccessories for livestock farming and animal husbandry
  • Headquarters in Buchbach and Ampfing (district Mühldorf/Inn, Bavaria, Germany)
  • Subsidiaries in Austria, France and Poland
  • 500 employeesAnnual
  • Revenue 2017: 238 million Euros