Hybrid Work


During the last 2 years, many companies have had to react quickly to facilitate an easy participation in video conferences including secure data communication for their employees. The standard of today requires flexibility in the choice of location, so employees can work 2 or 3 days from the company office and the rest from their home office. In the meantime, there is at least one person remotely present during meetings or when creative ideas are exchanged.

For these “hybrid meetings”, tools are required that offer all employees the same possibilities, no matter from where. Hybrid meetings have become a fully extensive experience – no matter where – thanks to new desk devices or meeting room devices that support multiple meeting platforms or due to Open API for the support of individual requests. The work of today is not conceivable without flexible work styles. For a hybrid working environment, this signifies the utilization of white boarding, Slido (polling tool) or Vidcast (asynchronous video communication) for all participants – no matter whether it’s remotely or in the office.

Hybrid work stands for much more than a pure technical provisioning of infrastructure. It also involves integrating the existing devices and software into your own processes (room finder, shared desk, etc.) – and this starts with a reliable and secure partner and open interfaces of the solution. NTS and Cisco know how this works and just recently Cisco presented many new solutions that support hybrid working styles in companies at the Webex One 2022 – which are all scalable and secure.



When equipping video conference rooms, a large trend toward Cloud-based solutions becomes apparent. There are many possibilities, and the baselines are different, ranging from a completely new setup all the way to an upgrade or a conversion. Therefore, it is paramount to choose a fitting video conferencing solution for meeting rooms and to also seek the optimal advice for this. It is only in this way that persons and devices can be connected across all locations in a secure and simple manner or that the individual usage of the room is realized in an optimal way.

Cisco room systems contain solutions for any room size (small meeting corners, medium-sized meeting rooms and large meeting and conference halls) as well as all components that are required for high-quality video conferences. Furthermore, Cisco offers for the single-user or the shared desk environment desk devices with simple and intuitive handling, sophisticated design, security and functionality. At Cisco, Open API result without saying.

Professional video equipment also implies that the room is not overflowing with devices and cables. Ideally everything operates in a wireless and intuitive mode. Complex meeting rooms with several cameras, projectors, speakers, microphones, etc. can by subdivided into different scenarios and simply operated by the controller so that the leader of the meeting does not have to interconnect anything. This saves time and it minimizes the sources of errors.

NTS integrates into the existing IT landscape in an ideal manner, and it makes the necessary adjustments – via APIs and additional tools that are constantly being further developed.
Relax, We Care.


Cisco offers a seamless, secure collaboration with faster troubleshooting:

  • Webex suite: flexible, integrative, and secure calls, meetings, messaging, webinars, and surveys
  • Duo access: only trustworthy persons and devices have access to data, apps or to networks
  • Umbrella DNS advantage: Protection of the web data traffic from malware, ransomware, and phishing
  • Secure endpoint: rapid detection, reaction, and elimination of advanced threats
  • ThousandEyes endpoint agent: end-to-end visibility, problem solving and optimization of staff experience
  • Cisco Secure Client Premier: secure access to company networks from any device and from any location
  • Meraki system manager: device safety management via a single dashboard