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The home office solution by NTS targets an intelligent, modular as well as a secure workplace. You are in experts’ hands not only with regards to the right hardware strategy, but you also receive comprehensive advice thanks to the flexible set-up of our solution.

NTS accompanies you from the development of a strategy, via the implementation and the introduction all the way to the operation of your home office environment!

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The VPN concentrator in the company is designed depending on the amount of home workers (home offices). The concentrator takes care of a secure data connection between the company and the home offices. Only authorized devices are allowed to connect with the company network.

Everything is possible: from a simple, existing internet line up to two internet lines and an LTE connection. A suitable connectivity package can be selected, depending on the reception in the home office. NTS recommends a redundant connection in order to protect the home worker from possible internet outages of a provider. The VPN concentrator as well as the home office connection is designed with Cisco Meraki solutions. Thus, configuration changes and troubleshooting can be managed centrally at any time in a user-friendly manner.

How secure do I want do be? Which lines do I use?

How do I want to phone?

How do I design my video conferencing?

Do I want a tailor-made “VPN concentrator” solution?


From the virtual meeting room all the way to the digital white board? You have the choice in the areas of telephony and video as well! We support you from a simple audio connection up to the premium package of Cisco Desk Pro. This package also ensures a data protection conform video appearance by means of hiding the background along with exciting white board functions. Use the large selections of headsets and desk phones in order to perfect your individual, digital world experience.


Start to shape your digital home – our checklist supports you:

  • How secure do I want to be?
  • How do I want to phone?
  • Do I like video conferences?
  • How important are white boarding and data protection for me?

From the headset all the way to the video conference – we compile your personal package that is matched according to your preferences and based on a stable and secure connection! We are looking forward to it. Relax, We Care.



  • Cisco partner since 1996
  • Flexibly adaptable, modular solution
  • Fast exchange of hardware components by NTS Basic
  • Long-standing experience in the area of collaboration
  • Exclusively certified employees in the NTS OC

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