Nowadays, the IT department is not only just a “servant” but an “internal service provider” that faces challenges which are changing massively so therefore it is also responsible for the success of a business!

Hence, an IT department should support the core competencies of a business. Additionally, the IT does not serve as an end in itself, but as a means to an end. Topics such as virtualization are by now “commodities” and the IT is very often run “on-premises” (at the local site). Almost all variation can be found here: from a converted broom cabinet to an appropriate server room. Occasionally “the Cloud” is employed and new, agile services and requirements come to light. Technologies such as IoT, microservices, Kubernetes and containers very often present new, unknown challenges. Frequently, topics like visibility, application performance monitoring and cost optimization are also necessary, but not implemented due to a lack of resources or know-how. Additionally, quite “trivial” issues such as for example the provision of a persistent storage for containers or their integration into existing enterprise networks often present tremendous challenges.


With the DATA CENTER IN A BOX, NTS provides a solution for a modern IT platform and supplies to the customer a balanced, scalable hardware stack that is based on “best of breed” components such as Cisco UCS server, Cisco Nexus switches and NetApp storage.

This robust, scalable and above all FLEXIBLE infrastructure inclusively contains all workloads, containers and hybrid clouds. Besides the operation of important, business critical workloads, the so-called “pets” (e.g. SQL server, exchange, applications or ERP systems), the operation of modern workloads, the so-called “herd animals” (meaning containers and Kubernetes), are enabled as well.

The nice thing about it: It does not always have to be the biggest solution – with the FlexPod Express, there is an interesting entry point for medium sized companies as well!

This hardware stack is a “NetApp, Cisco and NTS” validated design that proved itself in the IT sector in all environments over and over again.

NTS pools its entire data center know-how for both workloads “pets and herd animals” and provides a comprehensive, modular solution for your individual requirements. All this is done with a maximum control over data and location of the workloads – on-prem or in the public cloud. NTS customers can get themselves and their IT future ready with the help of the DATA CENTER IN A BOX and they will be able to focus on their core competencies. The DATA CENTER IN A BOX provides a robust and flexible environment for virtual machines and containers inclusive of self-service, automation and APIs!


  • Professional data center solution for small and medium sized companies with the ability to grow as they do
  • Robust, scalable and above all FLEXIBLE data center infrastructure
  • Comprehensive, modular solution for your individual requirements
  • Focus on the application
  • Modern and sustainable infrastructure with interfaces and self-service: scalable, flexible and simply good
  • Maximal control over the data and the location of the workloads – on-prem and in the public cloud
  • The compact “cloud-like” data center: Does it have to be the cloud all the time? For NTS customers, the cloud is arriving in the data center – including the integration of HyperScaler such as MS Azure.
  • The usability and experience of the public cloud in its own data center
  • A home for VMs and containers with a large “wellness area” for the users
Sebastian Mangelkramer
Technology Manager

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