Luck is elusive

but satisfaction can be measured!

This is the way we measure the satisfaction of our customers

As a service provider, we place great emphasis on the requirements of our customers and customer satisfaction is therefore a key issue for NTS. For us measuring customer satisfaction is not a one-time undertaking but a continuous process that is performed on a regular basis.

To measure customer satisfaction, we employ the “Customer Satisfaction Survey” system. Here, upon completion of the NTS services, customers will be asked to provide feedback in two different ways. Feedback is captured on a short standardized questionnaire that is evaluated statistically; feedback for comprehensive services is surveyed by telephone. Last year alone around 1,200 job tickets were evaluated by our customers and more than 100 customers were telephoned for a follow-up survey.

As superhero I dedicated my life to the cause of satisfaction and as known nerd only index 1 counts!!


Satisfaction Director NTS

The calculated average values are communicated on a weekly basis and are displayed on our webpage as “NTS index of customer satisfaction”.

The weekly index, which is the average value of the previous week, is calculated from the replies of that week or – in case of no data from that week – from that week when data was last available. The average value of the previous month corresponds to the evaluated data of the last calendar month. Therefore, the average value of the last week as well as the average value of the last month is calculated and communicated accordingly.

The results serve the continuous improvement of our service portfolio. We not only want to meet the expectations of our customers, but we want to exceed them.

Enthusiastic customers are our goal.

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