All Cloudy?

Or only partially? And if so, how powerfully? It becomes more and more important to use cloud technologies wisely. We support you with the right choice – this certainly conserves energy and saves valuable time.

> Hybrid Cloud solutions

Right in the middle of IT!

With hybrid structures, some resources are operated internally; others on the other hand externally. The Hybrid Cloud thus combines Private Cloud with the Public Cloud and ensures a real Cloud environment whilst safeguarding all security relevant aspects. It is probably true that the biggest motivation to use a Hybrid Cloud can be, alongside the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the utilization of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

No matter at which point of your journey into the Cloud you find yourself: We will find the right combination for you. With our experience, we gladly support you in the implementation of your Cloud strategy and we offer you comprehensive consulting along the entire value chain – and this exactly for the solutions that you require. In doing so, our partners are Cisco, VMware, Microsoft, Zerto and NetApp.

Public Cloud solutions


Especially when dealing with Public Cloud solutions it is important to cooperate with a reliable partner. As the name suggests, a Public Cloud allows several customers to share the same infrastructure. With this particular infrastructure several virtual machines, respectively computers, several servers or even numerous applications can run simultaneously. Based on demand these resources will be added or withdrawn.

For one thing, security weaknesses can occur at interfaces when they are accessible via the internet. But risks also arise when the infrastructure is shared with other users. These can occur, for example, when there is no clean separation of data of the users, also known as client separation. We gladly take care of your concerns and we consult and accompany you on your way to the right Cloud solution. In doing this we only cooperate with selected Cloud partners.


Microsoft Azure

With Azure you will receive a flexible Cloud platform that permits fast creation, provision and administration of applications within a global network of data centers. You can build applications with the help of any desired programming language, tool or framework and can integrate your public Cloud application into an existing IT environment.



Cisco Meraki is a comprehensive Cloud based network solution for WLAN, Switching, Security, WAN-optimisation and MDM, and it is administered centrally via a sole dashboard through the internet. Meraki is able to integrate hardware, software and Cloud services. The user-friendly Cloud architecture allows you to solve new business problems and to reduce the operating costs.

The Cloud is crucial for digitalization!

Helmut Hödl

Head of Business Development

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