NTS? LUCKILY, I’VE ALREADY KNOWN THEM FOR A LONG TIME! It is said that relationships that are concluded in emergencies, have no future. Not at all!

Rainer Knapp, IT Director at the international fashion label BOGNER knows exactly what it means to remember old friends at NTS.


Mr. Knapp, what were the reasons that BOGNER decided to work with NTS?

Rainer Knapp: In 2017 we had a major network failure that was completely unexpected and we had to react quickly. I remembered an old acquaintance at NTS, who I contacted immediately and NTS sent someone over in no time at all. The technician sat on our side from 11 o’clock in the morning until 2 o’clock in the night without a break and solved the problem, re-configured all switches and so on. Out of this, our collaboration then developed.

…which seems to be a permanent one by now?

K: Yes, definitely! Back then, NTS was really an extremely big support. In particular, NTS acted in an uncomplicated manner. One call was sufficient, although we have not been a customer of NTS yet. If anyone has the chance to experience this with NTS, then there is no reason left that one wants or even can do without it. This is also their USP: the folks there simply have the greatest technical expertise and are the real ultimate specialists that will not give up until a problem is solved. This always happens immediately and not after days or weeks.


Rainer Knapp, IT Director, BOGNER

This means that RELAX, WE CARE is not a hollow promise?

K: You definitely can say that. I know some people at NTS for some time now, sort of from the early days. Without knowing the whole team, I am aware of the fact that it is the intention of everyone to satisfy me as a customer and to deal with my matters immediately. No matter at which time of the day. This is a service approach that one has to first find, even in Germany. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that out of this a friendly relationship developed that enhances the collaboration even more.

  • Founding year Willy Bogner GmbH & Co: 1932
  • Employees: appr. 900; 23 in the IT department
  • Rainer Knapp and his team take care of Bogner companies throughout the world: The head office is in Munich, more sales and logistic centers are in the US as well as more than 80 Bogner shops globally
Daniela Haag
Marketing Manager

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