At first, the already established customer from the Austrian province of Vorarlberg looks within the province if he can find a supplier and only looks across the border after that. This is one of the reasons why NTS is also represented in Dornbirn since 2016. However, as mentioned, just one of the reasons.

“Yes, you are welcome to stop by and drink a coffee and to show us what you are doing, but I only do business with companies that have an office in Vorarlberg,” describes Werner Mennel, Head of the NTS Dornbirn office, this true brief incident was the triggering point that led NTS to open a location in Vorarlberg as well. “When the customers see that there is no one, then it is not an issue and one naturally gets the know-how from somewhere else. However, most customers value the fact that one can be there within half an hour, more than when some supplier displays some international flag.”

Technology and service are simply unparalleled, together with NTS.

Besides this clever, emotional logic, Mennel sees the secret of success of NTS in the exceptional specialization of their engineers. These “people with a real love for technology” are extremely focused on certain tasks and there is in particular always someone available on short notice. This complete package makes NTS the perfect partner for business. Therefore, complexes towards the large competitors are not even discussed, on the contrary, “NTS is annoying the big ones at the moment”.

Werner Mennel and his colleagues negate the question if they feel a little bit remote. Thanks to regular visits from Innsbruck and Graz and thanks to videoconferencing one feels fully integrated into the NTS network. In fact sometimes more than one would like, was added with a wink: “We just disconnected one of the table microphones as they almost work too well. It has already happened in big conferences that a soft whisper between two participants was transmitted louder to all the others than what the main speaker was saying – and this is not the real purpose of whispering.”

What is it that NTS Dornbirn can do, but others can’t? To speak the Vorarlberg dialect!



business park provides space to approximately 70 companies next to NTS.


more inhabitants live in Dornbirn compared to Bregenz.


some employees have their lunch at home.


approximately 30, amongst them IMA SCHELLING and HILTI

Text & Foto: Harald Müller