Internet retailer Blue Tomato sells the latest trends in sport and fashion, but had reached the technical limits as regards its telephone system. NTS AG has catapulted the company into the telecommunications future with a Cisco Unified Communications solution.

Over the years, the snowboard school in Schladming has grown into an international Internet business for surfers, boarders, skaters and streetwear, meaning the young company Blue Tomato www.blue-tomato.com had outgrown its classic system based on traditional telephony. Given the programme of continual expansion, with the opening of the store in Graz and the flagship store in Vienna in particular, it was clear that a new Unified Communication infrastructure was required for flexible connectivity in the IP world.

As an Internet company we must deploy fast lines of communication.

Two demands in particular were made of the NTS AG solution. It was to be compact yet still allow best possible communication between the Schladming, Graz and Vienna stores using Voice-over-IP technology. But this was not everything given that different channels are used to contact a modern Internet dealer. In the contact centre of Blue Tomato, queries arrive by telephone and mail, but also via Skype and Facebook. This also had to be taken into consideration by the solution. NTS Project Manager Helmut Hödl emphasises: “We quickly noticed that it required the option for open and standardised interfaces – these are provided with Cisco UC solutions.”

A Cisco telephony solution would keep communication paths within the company relatively short. There was also the issue of enquiries and orders from all corners of the globe being received by the flexibly deployed workforce, something requiring multi-user capable and flexible workplaces. Users are able to configure their phones themselves and the system is fully integrated into the Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure, making user configuration considerably easier.

Blue Tomato sees itself as being well equipped for the future with the investment in the new Cisco telephony solution from NTS AG. “E-Commerce is the new form of trading and as an Internet company we must deploy fast lines of communication so that we can do justice to the speed at which the company operates”, says Eustachius Kreimer from Blue Tomato. In terms of the decision to opt for NTS AG, he adds: “NTS offers excellent on-site quality and its many offices in Austria provide perfect coverage for our sites.”

  • Voice-over-IP with Cisco UC solution
  • Fully integrated into the MS Active Directory infrastructure
  • The solution enables quicker and more efficient
  • communication between multiple locations
  • 120 extension lines
  • Location redundancy for Graz – Schladming
  • 64 ISDN lines


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